Fellows & Junior Faculty

The Health Sciences Sponsored Project Pre-Award Office is responsible for the review, submission, award negotiation and acceptance for the following:

  • Health Sciences postdoctoral fellowship applications.
  • Faculty scholarship applications.
  • Applications for M.D. or Pharm.D applicants or dual degree applicants (M.D./Ph.D. and Pharm.D./Ph.D).
  • All Health Sciences NIH LRP applications.

Most agencies will require the fellow to formally accept an award. Some agencies have formal contracts or agreements which also must be signed by an institutional official, either a fiscal officer, a contract or grant officer, or administrative official. Award documents should be hand delivered or e-mailed to your assigned analyst. The HS SPPO fellowship analyst will sign on behalf of the University. Because many private funding agencies now include patent clauses and other problematic terms and conditions, it is important that award documents be reviewed before the fellow and/or the institution signs and accepts a fellowship agreement. In some cases, award terms will need to be negotiated with the sponsoring agency prior to formal acceptance of the award.

The HS SPPO Fellowship Analysts will process the award once it has been executed and work with OPAFS for IFOPAL set-up.

Please view the Staff Assignments page to determine the appropriate analyst for your fellowship/faculty scholarship application.

For single degree (Ph.D.) predoctoral fellowships:

  • Please contact the Graduate Division.
  • Predoctoral (Ph.D.) fellowship applications are signed by Dr. Kit Pogliano, Dean of Graduate Division.
  • Applicants and departments should contact Michelle Monroy, the Graduate Fellowship Advisor at gradadvisor@ucsd.edu.

For General Campus postdoctoral fellowships & faculty scholarship applications and awards, please contact OCGA.