Review of Preclerkship Core Courses

The Core Curriculum Committee conducts a comprehensive review of all preclerkship core courses regularly. Here is an overview of the process:

  • A memo will be mailed to the course chair(s) regarding the review date. The course chair(s) will be asked to provide the materials requested on a form at least six weeks in advance of the scheduled review.
  • Core Curriculum Committee members will review the materials provided and present a summary for the committee. They may contact the course chair(s) directly to discuss any questions or concerns.
  • The course chair(s) will be asked to attend a Core Curriculum Committee meeting to discuss the course review.
  • A summary of the Core Curriculum Committee's comments regarding the course will be prepared and sent to the course chair(s) upon completion of the review.

Questions?  Contact Maria Randerson, Curriculum Analyst, Undergraduate Medical Education Office, Division of Medical Education, at or (858) 822-3860.