Teaching Opportunities

Opportunities to participate in Medical School curriculum

Please be aware that medical school accreditation standards prohibit faculty who have or are seeing students as patients from participating in their evaluation or promotion decisions, excluding exceptional circumstances. Should this apply to you, you must recuse yourself from that student’s evaluation/promotion process. This standard may be found in the Standards documents on the LCME website, lcme.org.  

Clinical Foundations
The Clinical Foundations thread in the first and second year of the curriculum consists of three components which focus on imparting the clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes of being a physician.

    During the PBL sessions, students will explore content from both the Health and Human Disease ("biomedical science") and Clinical Foundations ("doctoring") courses. The cases serve as a vehicle to explore and understand a range of topics. The faculty tutor for each PBL will be responsible for facilitating the assigned case of the week. For more information about becoming a PBL facilitator, please contact Kara Ayala.