Faculty Curriculum Director

General Responsibilities

The Master Clinician Longitudinal Clerkship (MC-LC) is a proposed one year-long experience within the medical school’s clerkship year curriculum, with planned implementation beginning in May 2025 for the 2025-2026 academic year. The overarching goal of the MC-LC is to provide all MS3 students with instruction in cross-clerkship learning objectives. This experience is expected to grow from and complement the pre-existing Master Clinician (MC) program currently deployed in the core clerkships. Themes within the MC-LC will include advanced development of MC content (health equity, compassionate communication, clinical skills), cross-specialty fundamentals of clinical practice, career development and professional identity formation, and opportunities for multidisciplinary clinically oriented assessment.

The MC-LC Director(s) will provide an introduction to the MC-LC for incoming MS3 students, and will lead a curriculum offered over 16 four-hour sessions, occurring once per three-week block on Tuesday afternoons, spread across the 48 weeks of the MS3 year. The MC-LC Director(s) will provide strategic direction for the course and will determine standards for passing the pass/fail course.

Program Planning and ImplementatiON

  • Design, plan, implement and evaluate all aspects of the MC-LC in coordination with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and the Director of the Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion’s Center for Mentorship in Medicine.
  • Report to the Core Curriculum Committee on the overall performance of the MC-LC.
  • Liaison with the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs, as well as the Director of Careers in Medicine, to facilitate four linked sessions per year, in which student coaching, career advising, and wellness activities are incorporated into the curriculum.
  • Participate in Clerkship Curriculum Steering Committee and associated curricular meetings; review student progress, including service on the CLEAR Committee, address course related issues and long-range, strategic planning of course goals and objectives.
  • Facilitate future state multidisciplinary assessment opportunities, allowing clerkship level students to demonstrate advanced clinical competencies.

Teaching Activities

  •  Teach, and organize others to teach, in the MC-LC, with strong emphasis on interface between the cross-clerkship objectives and the specialty specific MC elements deployed within individual Clerkships. 
  • Teaching methods will include lecture, discussion, reflection, seminars and other methods as appropriate.
  • Assist students in developing the clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to become an outstanding physician.
  • Evaluate student performance considering instructional goals; provide feedback to students as part of the development of appropriate skills and attitudes.
This is a Core Clerkship level course, and the MC-LC Director(s) will receive financial and administrative support consistent with School of Medicine policies. Determination regarding whether this role will be centralized with a single leader, or shared collaboratively with up to 4 total leaders, will be made by the selection committee in conjunction with the identified lead candidate(s). Decisions regarding the method in which compensation will be divided between multiple potential leaders will be made in a similar fashion.


Applicant must have a UC San Diego School of Medicine faculty appointment in the appropriate series. For example, instructional titles in the appropriate series include: salaried UC San Diego School of Medicine professors, professors in residence, professors of clinical _____ (e.g., medicine), clinical professors, adjunct professors.


  • Curriculum Vitae - Your most recently updated CV
  • Letter of Interest

Please submit your CV and letter of interest to Lisa Gole, Director of Undergraduate Medical Education, at The deadline for submission is​ Friday, February 23​, 2024.