(for all Contract Types)

Contract Officer
Alzheimers (ADCS)Leah Williams
AnesthesiologyLeah Williams
Cancer Center (includes Hem-Onc/BMT)Sanaz Masha; David Beatty
Cardiology Lindsey Wholey
Cardiovascular Medicine (DOM)Lindsey Wholey
Dermatology/Peds DermatologyKelly Quintana
Emergency MedicineLeah Williams
Endocrinology & Metabolism (DOM)Lindsey Wholey
Family Medicine and Public HealthLeah Williams
Gastroenterology (DOM)Lindsey Wholey
Geriatrics (DOM)Lindsey Wholey
Hematology (through DOM/non-MCC)Leah Williams
Infectious Diseases (DOM)Leah Williams
Internal Medicine (DOM)Lindsey Wholey
Medicine/Hospital Medicine (DOM)Lindsey Wholey
Nephrology (DOM)Leah Williams
NeuroscienceLeah Williams
OphthalmologyLeah Williams
Orthopedic SurgeryLeah Williams
PathologyLeah Williams
PediatricsLeah Williams, Kelly Quintana, Lauren Sanfilippo
PsychiatryKelly Quintana
Pulmonary (DOM)Lindsey Wholey
RadiologyLeah Williams
Regenerative Medicine (DOM)Lindsey Wholey
Reproductive MedicineLeah Williams
Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology (DOM)Lindsey Wholey
SurgeryKelly Quintana
UrologyLeah Williams**

 *Lead Department is the department through which the study is being submitted/conducted, which may differ from PI's home department.

**Any Department not covered by this list will be assigned to Leah Williams

DOM = a division within the Department of Medicine (will appear as "Medicine" in ePD, Coeus, and OCTA Application)