Paper Submissions

Although the NIH has multiple electronic submission options, sub-award applications and a few non-standard applications still require paper applications to be submitted.

For new, renewal, resubmission, and supplement applications, the department should use the PHS 398 forms. For continuations (progress reports), department should use the PHS 2590 forms.

Please see the Review Priorities document which outlines both the department's and HS SPPO's responsibilities in reviewing PHS forms.

Please be aware that HS SPPO's minimum requirements are in effect even if the agency does not require these documents or only requires some of these. HS SPPO cannot process a sub-award without our minimum requirements.

HS SPPO has prepared the following guides for the PHS 398 and PHS 2590 forms. Please see the attached documents with highlights and notes with instructions on how to fill in the forms.
To submit your sub-award application to HS SPPO for review and/or submission, please follow the instructions for ePD. HS SPPO requests that the sub-award package be combined into ONE (1) PDF rather than uploaded as individual attachments for ease of use.
For additional guidance, please refer to the PHS application guides: