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Health Sciences Contacts Meetings

​All Health Sciences Contacts Meetings will usually be held on Thursdays from 9am to 10am, in Leichtag 107. Members of the HS Contacts listserv will be notified of the meeting dates, agenda, and any changes approximately a week before the meetings. Please see table below for further details:

 Date​​ Location Time
October 01, 2018 Leichtag 107
9:00 am
Lead speaker:      Erika Wilson
Topics:  TBD
Other Speakers:   Rachel Cook Topics:  TBD 
Other Speakers:  Angela McMahill, Research Compiance and Inregrity
Topics:  TBD
Other Speakers:   TBA
Topics:  TBA

UC San Diego Research Administration Training Program

UC San Diego has created a comprehensive enterprise-wide research administration educational certification program that establishes and maintains individual and organizational learning and knowledge about research administration topics, programs and systems. To sign up for this eight-week course, please go to UC Learning Center.  For more information on this training program, please go here: UC San Diego Research Administration Training Program.