Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities in Health and Life Sciences

  • Awards and Prizes
    Open call and invitation only opportunities for awards and prizes.
  • Limited Submissions
    Limited submission opportunities that require internal review by the VCHS Limited Submissions Committee.
  • Limited Submissions - NIH
    Limited submission opportunities published by National Institutes of Health (NIH) that require internal review by the VCHS NIH/Clinical/Translational Limited Submissions Committee.
  • Pharmaceutical
    Funding opportunities with industry drug developers.
  • Limited Submissions - Research Affairs
    Limited submission opportunities that require internal review by the Office of Research Affairs' faculty review committees.

Health Sciences Limited Submissions Procedures

Health Sciences is charged with the task of conducting internal reviews on limited submission funding opportunities. When the university is allowed to nominate a limited number of candidates for certain awards, the Health Sciences Limited Committee will set an internal review deadline for submissions so that they may review applications and select UCSD’s Health Sciences limited submission candidate. Nearly all of these opportunities are by invitation only, and unsolicited self submission to the agency is strictly prohibited. This list and calendar are to be used as informational and planning tools only, all submissions must go through the appropriate internal channels after a call has been announced.  General Campus departments must contact the Office of Research Affairs for opportunities that relate to their department, see link above "Limited Submissions - Research Affairs.

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4/1/2012 - One UC San Diego faculty member receives the 2011 Hartwell Foundation Inpidual Biomedical Research Award. This is a terrific accomplishment and results in nearly three hundred thousand dollars in funding over the next three years. UC San Diego Health Sciences congratulates the following recipients:

Hartwell Inpidual Biomedical Research Award:

Hartwell press release