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​A calendar year list of opportunities is available below. Some awards listed below are by invitation only to the university, or are limited submissions (as noted). Please be sure to visit the sponsor's site for full details.

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AGENCY​ AWARD ANNUAL DEADLINE Subject to change. Please visit sponsor's site to confirm. AMOUNT DESCRIPTION
 Lilly Lilly Innovation Fellowship Award 2015

Campus DeadlineJanuary 22, 2016 8:00 AM

Sponsor Deadline January 28, 2015

All applications must be sent by the Dean’s Office. Applications sent directly to Lily from an individual will not be accepted.SEE RFA for complete details.

 Full post-doctoral salary and benefits for up to four years. Travel support to attend conferences. Annual payment to the university to support the post-doctoral scientists training..

The Lilly Innovation Fellowship Award (LIFA) a competitive post-doctoral fellowship award. This program is designed to foster post-doctoral career development through highly innovative pre-competitive post-doctoral research proposals by providing the recipient with up to 4 years of funding and a unique training experience. This opportunity will provide and academic-industry training partnership where a post-doctoral scientist and their mentor are paired with a Lilly scientist who serves as an industry mentor. The goal of the LIFA program is to focus on research topics or "Grand Challenges" that will drive innovation in scientific areas of greatest strategic interest to Eli Lilly and Company, while remaining general enough to foster disruptive innovation.

LIFA2015  Application Material:

LIFA2015 - AppPreliminary Research Proposal.docx

LIFA2015 - Privacy and Consent.pdf

 RFA Lily Innovation Fellowship


Sidney Kimmel FoundationScholarship Award & Translation Science Award
December 2, 2015 3:00 PM EST$100,000/year for two years
The Franklin InstituteThe Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science Accepted on a rolling basis.$250,000Awarded annually and span seven disciplines of science: chemistry, computer and cognitive science, earth and environmental science, electrical engineering, life science, mechanical engineering, and physics.
Larry L. Hillblom Foundation

Network Grant
Funding Area:
Diabetes & Aging

LOI Deadline

January 30, 2015

Application Deadline:

July 17, 2015

$300,00 per year

The purpose of the Hillblom Foundation Network Grant is to facilitate interaction between a network of researchers. It is anticipated that these investigators will be independently funded and have demonstrated productivity in their own field. While it is anticipated that the principal investigator of the network will have a strong background in one of the two areas of stated interest of the Hillblom Foundation, the network might be strengthened by inclusion of investigators with expertise that can enhance the overall focus of the group on the disease process of interest.

See RFA below

Larry L. Hillblom Foundation

Start-Up Grants
Funding Area:
Diabetes & Aging

Application Deadline:

January 30, 2015

$70,000 per year

The Hillblom Foundation offers grants to qualified researchers to initiate independent research careers in one of the two areas of stated interest to the Hillblom Foundation.

See RFA below

Larry L. Hillblom Foundation

Fellowship Grant
Funding Area:
Diabetes & Aging

Application Deadline:

January 30, 2015

10% (6,000) included in total grant

The Fellowship Grant is intended to enable Qualified Institutions to provide post-doctoral research fellowship training to qualified applicants in one of the two areas of stated interest to the Hillblom Foundation.

See RFA below

Vanderbilt UniversityVanderbilt Prize in
Biomedical Science
January$25,000Recognition of a woman scientist for outstanding research accomplishments and mentorship of women in science.
Columbia University in the City of New YorkLouisa Gross Horwitz
Prize for Biology
or Biochemistry
JanuaryHonorarium and Citation

The Prize Committee recognizes no geographic limitations. The Prize may be awarded to an individual or group. When the Prize is awarded to a group, each member will receive a citation, but the honorarium will be divided among the recipients. Preference is given to work done in the recent past.

CNIHR-Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research
January 2014Awards will be funded for 1-2 years, up to $150,000 (direct costs) per year plus applicable indirect costs.

The CNIHR program is a joint initiative of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), the NIH-funded Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR), and the International AIDS Society.

The CNIHR program welcomes innovative proposals from early-stage scientists without prior experience in HIV research to answer essential questions in HIV research, including emerging issues of long term survival with HIV infection, prevention of HIV transmission, and research toward a cure.

If your research has been supported by the UC San Diego CFAR, please be sure to acknowledge that support in your resulting publications and presentations (NIH grant P30 AI036214). More on acknowledging CFAR support may be found at:

Email for all questions is

Albert and Mary Lasker FoundationLasker Medical
Research Awards
FebruaryVaries by award.

Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award honors scientists whose fundamental investigations have provided techniques, information, or concepts contributing to the elimination of major causes of disability and death.

Lasker~DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award honors investigators whose contributions have improved the clinical treatment of patients.

Lasker~Koshland Special Achievement Award in Medical Science honors scientists whose contributions to research are of unique magnitude and have immeasurable influence on the course of science, health, or medicine, and whose professional careers have engendered within the biomedical community the deepest feelings of awe and respect.

Mary Woodard Lasker Public Service Award honors men and women who have helped make possible the federal legislation and funding that supports research, and who have created public communication, public health, and advocacy programs of major importance.

Indiana University School of MedicineMark Brothers of
South Bend Lecture

View Description

Doris Duke Charitable FoundationClinical Scientist
Development Award 2015
February 2015$150,000
(3) years

Sponsor Deadlines:

  • Pre-proposal due October 31, 2014 (3 pm EDT)
  • Invitation to submit Full Proposal: December 22, 2014
  • Full Proposal due: February 24, 2015 (3 pm EST)

The Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Development Award provides grants to junior physician scientists to facilitate their transition to independent clinical research careers.

National Medal of Science

National Medal of ScienceMarchNational Medal

The National Medal of Science, established in 1959, is the Nation's highest honor for American scientists and engineers. It is awarded to individuals who deserve special recognition for their outstanding cumulative contributions to knowledge in the chemical, physical, biological, mathematical, engineering, or behavioral or social sciences, in combination with their exemplary service to the Nation. The Medal is administered by the National Science Foundation and, to date, has been awarded to over 450 individuals.

Federation of American Societies for Experimental BiologyFASEB Excellence
in Science Award
Outstanding achievement by women in biological science.
Keio University Medical ScienceFundKeio Medical Science PrizeMarchCertificate of Merit, Medal &Monetary AwardOutstanding and creative achievements of researchers in the fields of medicine and life sciences, in particular those contributing to scientific developments in medicine.
McGillThe Louis and Artur Lucian Award for Research in Circulatory DiseasesMarch$60,000Outstanding research in the field of circulatory diseases by a scientific investigator or group of investigators whose contribution to knowledge in this field is deemed worthy of special recognition.
National Foundation for Infectious DiseasesThe Maxwell Finland Award for Scientific AchievementAprilPhysical AwardRecognizes scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the understanding of infectious diseases or public health.
National Foundation for Infectious DiseasesThe Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Humanitarian AwardAprilPhysical AwardIndividuals whose outstanding humanitarian efforts and achievements have contributed significantly to improving the health of humankind. Criteria on which selection is based include: legislative or administrative contributions, humanitarian service and/or, public education activities.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterThe Paul Marks Prize for Cancer ResearchApril$150,000Recognizes a new generation of leaders in cancer research, who are making significant contributions to the understanding of cancer or are improving the treatment of the disease through basic or clinical research. The prize is intended to encourage young investigators who have a unique opportunity to help shape the future of cancer research.
Qatar FoundationWise Prize for Education* *Limited SubmissionApril$500,000

This major new Prize will reward an individual - or a team of up to six individuals working together - for an outstanding, world-class contribution to any level or area of education, in any part of the world.

*For internal review, submit through:

Roberts Research (Western)J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine - Stem Cell ResearchMay$10,000
AAMCAbraham Flexner Award for Distinguished Service to Medical EducationMay$10,000
AAMCAlpha Omega Alpha Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher AwardsMay$5,000
AAMCAward for Distinguished Research in the Biomedical SciencesMay$5,000
AAMCDavid E. Rogers AwardMay$10,000
AAMCHerbert W. Nickens AwardMay$10,000
AAMCArnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism in Medicine AwardMay$5,000
AAMCSpencer Foreman Award for Outstanding Community ServiceMaycrystal
AAMCHerbert W. Nickens Faculty FellowshipMay$15,000

AAMCHerbert W. Nickens Medical Student ScholarshipsMay$5,000
Institute of Medicine of the National AcademiesLienhard AwardMay$40,000

Recognizes individuals for outstanding achievement in improving health care services in the United States. Topics include quality and patient safety, health services, coverage and access and public health.

Institute of Medicine of the National AcademiesSarnat PrizeMay$20,000

Substance Abuse and Mental Health, Select Populations and Health Disparities, Biomedical and Health Research, Public Health, Global Health. Studies under the IOM Executive Office. Commitment to improving the science base and delivery of mental health services. This international award recognizes individuals, groups, or organizations for outstanding achievement in improving mental health and is accompanied by a medal and $20,000.

The Franklin InstituteTheBower Award and Prize for Achievement in ScienceMay$250,000

Are awarded annually and span seven disciplines of science: chemistry, computer and cognitive science, earth and environmental science, electrical engineering, life science, mechanical engineering, and physics. Nominations for the Benjamin Franklin Medals are accepted on a rolling basis. The award is presented to an individual. If group work is selected, an individual must be selected as the group's leading scientist and the award and prize will be presented to him or her. In cases of candidates with equal technical merit, the factor of current economic value of the discovery or application will weigh favorably on behalf of the candidate.

The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge and Culture

Awards will be given in the following eight catagories:

- Basic Sciences(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

- Biomedicine

- Ecology andConservation Biology

- Information and CommunicationTechnologies

- Economics, Finance and management

- Contemporary Music

- Climate Change

- Development Cooperation


BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge and Culture

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

- Colvin Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Mood Disorder Prize

- Patricia Goldman-Rakic Prize for Cognitive Neuroscience Research

- Lieber Prize for Schizophrenia Research

- Ruane Prize for Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Research

June 7, 2013

Colvin: $50,000

Goldman-Rakic: $40,000

Lieber: $50,000

Ruane: $50,000

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (formerly NARSAD) recognizes outstanding research leadership and contributions to psychiatric research with a number of annual awards and prizes. Below are brief descriptions of each of our annual Outstanding Achievement Prizes.

At the bottom,are the 4 letters which list specific instructions of how to nominate someone for one of the prizes.

All nominations are due by Friday, June 7th, 2013.

Doris DukeAccelerating Science Award Program being offered by PLOS


Nominations Due: June 15, 2013

Finalists Notified: August 2013

Award Winners: Announced October 21, 2013


·Three top awards of $30,000 each

·A trip to Washington, D.C., to be honored at Open Access Week in October, 2013

Inclusion in a portfolio book distributed online and in print around the world

As a supporter of the Accelerating Science Award Program, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation would like to share the following information with you on an exciting new prize and how to nominate an individual or team for this opportunity.

The Accelerating Science Award Program (ASAP) recognizes individuals who have used, applied, or remixed scientific research – published through Open Access – to make a difference in science, medicine, business, technology, or society as a whole. Potential nominees include individuals, teams or groups of collaborators such as scientists, researchers, educators, technology leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers, patient advocates, public health workers and students. Major sponsors include Google, PLOS, and the Wellcome Trust.

How to Nominate
Please use: simple online form. Individuals are also free to nominate themselves. Research articles or content must be Open Access and have been published before May 1st, 2013 in a peer-reviewed journal or in a repository recognized in the Open Access community.
Full Program Details
Please direct all questions about this opportunity to Do not contact the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

National Institution Drug Abuse (NIDA)

1. Help to find a way to reduce or eliminate the risk of harm from accidentally or intentionally swallowing too many pain prescription pills at the same time.

2. Using primary data sources relevant to substance use and abuse, create an infographic to inform and educate the general public in interesting, novel, and creative ways about prescription drug abuse dangers.


Submission Period begins May 13, 2013

Submission Period ends June 14, 2013

Judging will take place between June 17-June 30, 2013

Winners will be notified and prizes awarded July 8, 2013

Amount of the Prize:
Up to three prizes worth a total of $15,000 ($5,000 each) will be awarded to submission(s) that satisfy all the Challenge criteria (below) and receive the highest cumulative scores.

1) Participate in NIDA Challenge “Propose New Ideas for Prescription Drugs Oral Overdose Protection”

Additional information:

2) Participate in NIDA Challenge “Data Rx: Prescription Drug Abuse Infographic Challenge”

Additional information:

Damon RunyonInnovation AwardJuly 1, 2013The award will be for a period of three years. Each award will provide a total of $450,000 in direct research costs. The Award cannot be used for indirect costs or institutional overhead.

B.A.B.E.S. "Beating Alzheimer's by Embracing Science"

Challenge Award, The Geoffrey Beene FoundationAugust 31, 2013$100,000 USD

Please visit site for full details.
Harvard Medical SchoolPatricia Price Browne Prize in Biomedical EthicsSeptember$10,000 View Description
International Pilot Grant for HIV/AIDS researchUC San Diego Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) International Pilot grantsApril 1, 2015$40,000/yr

Gairdner FoundationCanada Gairdner International AwardsOctober

$100,000 CDN

Commemorative Item

The award recognizes outstanding biomedical scientists who have made original contributions to medicine with the goal of contributing through research to increased understanding of human biology and disease. The award does not recognize a lifetime of work. Gairdner invites the scientific community to nominate qualified scientists from any branch of biomedicine.
Gairdner FoundationCanada Gairdner Wightman AwardOctober$100,000 CDNIt is given for:

1. Leadership in a specific field of biomedical sciences (basic, clinical, population health) in Canada and/or original and sustained contributions to that field at an internationally recognized level.

2. Institutional academic and scientific leadership in Canada leading to the establishment and development of biomedical research in Canada and internationally.

Gairdner FoundationCanda Gairdner Global Health AwardOctober

$100,000 CND

This award is given to a scientist whose advances have (or will potentially have) a significant impact on health outcomes in the developing world.
Harvard Medical SchoolWarren Albert Foundation* November 1, 2013$250,000 a citation and a plaque

View Full Description

The Warren Alpert Foundation Prize recognizes one or more scientists whose scientific achievements have led to the prevention, cure or treatment of human diseases or disorders, and/or whose research constitutes a seminal scientific finding that holds great promise of ultimately changing our understanding of and/or ability to treat disease. The $250,000 Prize is open to scientists, physicians, and researchers from any country. Nominations must be received by November 1, 2013.

* The recipient of the 2014 Prize must be available to attend the Warren Alpert Foundation Scientific Symposium at Harvard Medical School on Thursday, October 2, 2014.

Tel Aviv UniversityDan David Prize: FutureNovember$1,000,000The Dan David Prize recognizes and encourages innovative and interdisciplinary research that cuts across traditional boundaries and paradigms. It aims to foster universal values of excellence, creativity, justice, democracy and progress and to promote the scientific, technological and humanistic achievements that advance and improve our world.
Jewish Guild HealthcareThe Alfred W. Bressler Vision Science AwardDecember$45,000, a crystal award and recipient will be invited to join the selection committee.
CFAR Developmental Grants for HIV/AIDS ResearchUC San Diego Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Development GrantsJune 1, 2016$30,000 - $50,000The Developmental grant program is designed to mentor and support new investigators and new ideas in HIV/AIDS research. Applications are accepted from junior investigators who hold a faculty appointment and from established investigators in other fields newly applying their expertise to HIV/AIDS. All applicants must have faculty-level appointments at a CFAR member institution. Applications must adhere to several criteria and must undergo a rigorous, objective review process.
University of California, Office of the President2016 President's Research Catalyst Award

June 4, 2015

UCOP anticipates awarding $7 MIL over 3 years. Within constraints to available funding there are no minimum or maximum budget limitations

UC President Janet Napolitano and UC Research Initiatives are pleased to issue a Request for Proposals for the 2016 President’s Research Catalyst Awards. This president’s initiative aims to advance innovative research in areas of strategic importance to UC that has the potential to benefit California, the nation and the world, and to stimulate public support for UC research. Awards are made on a competitive basis for highly meritorious research that fulfills the following programmatic goals:

All proposals must be submitted by academic appointees with Principal Investigator status at a UC campus, and must include participation of at least 3 UC campuses.

Please refer to the RFP below for funding priorities, eligibility, application guidelines.

Questions? email: