ISSC Committee

Welcome to the front page for the Limited Submissions in Life Sciences Committee - LSLSC (formerly ISSC).

This site provides a listing of available limited submission funding opportunities, organized by deadline for the full calendar year: January through December.

Questions? Suggestions: Elizabeth Schebel or call 858-534-3703.




*confirm annually


(Year) (Received Award - yes/no)
Dana FoundationProgram in NeuroimmunologyJanuary 19Dr. Santosh Kesari (10)
NSFMajor Research Instrumentation ProgramFebruary 1


5 yrs
Rita Allen FoundationRita Allen Scholars Program/AwardFebruary 1


5 yrs

www.ritaallenfoundation.orgDr. Alysson Muotri (10) - no
Mary Kay FoundationInnovative/Translational Cancer Research GrantFebruary 4


2 yrs
NIHEarly Independence Award ProgramFebruary 21


5 yrs
Dana FoundationProgram in Neuroimmunology of Brain Cancers and InfectionsFebruary 22


3 yrs
Dana FoundationResearch Program in Brain and Immuno-ImagingFebruary 22


3 yrs
Ellison Medical FoundationNew Scholar Award in AgingFebruary 24


4 yrs
Ellison MedicalNew Scholars AwardFebruary 25
John Douglas French Alzheimer's FoundationJDFAF Distinguished Research Scholar AwardFebruary 28


2 yrs

John Douglas French Alzheimer's FoundationFrench Foundation FellowshipFebruary 28


2 yrs

Damon RunyonClinical Investigator's AwardMarch 1
Josiah Macy Junior FoundationMacy Faculty ScholarsMarch 15


2 yrs

Andres Sciolla (11)

(11 no internal review done; 1 candidate showed interest)
W.M. Keck FoundationMedical Research ProgramMay 1

up to $5,000,000
Alliance Healthcare Foundation

Innovation Initiative (i2)


May 2 - ISSC

May 9 - candidate named

May 25 - application


1-3 yrs

UCSD can nominate 5 persons

1. Dr. Michele Zive (11)

2. Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy (11)


HIMHD Resrouce-Related Minority Health and Helath Disparities Reserach (U24)


May 1 - ISSC

May 8 - LOI

June 8 - Application

$750,000 yr

7 yrs max


NCRR Science Education Partnership Award

(SEPA) (R25) PAR-10-206

May 1 - ISSC

May 22 - LOI

June 22 - Application


5 yrs

Ray Thomas Edwards FoundationRTEF Career Development Award in Biomedical Sciences
June 1


3 yrs

Dr. George Sen (11) - TBN


Dr. Emily Troemel, Assistant Professor in Biology, Section of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of California, San Diego, will receive research funding from the foundation for the three year period 2011-2013.

Dr. Troemel's proposed research, Host/Pathogen Interactions in a Simple Animal Host, will seek to elucidate novel innate immune pathways by using genetic methods to identify C. elegans defense pathways that are activated by bacterial infection, as well as the pathogen components that trigger these pathways.


Dr. Jill Leutgeb , Assistant Professor in the Neurobiology Section of Division of Biological Sciences at University of California-San Diego, will receive research funding from the foundation for the three year period 2010-2012.

Dr. Leutgeb's proposed research, Neural Network Mechanisms for the Encoding of New Memories, will focus on how information about the temporal order of events is combined with spatial or contextual information within the hippocampus to form a unique memory trace about what, where and when an event occurred.


Dr. Tatyana Sharpee, Assistant Professor in the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, will receive research funding from the foundation for the three year period 2009-2011.

Dr. Sharpee's proposed research, Searching for a Universal Code in Neural Transmission, aims to develop a computational algorithm to analyze the structure of neural code across many different species, sensory modalities, and types of stimuli, as well as across multiple stages of neural signal processing.

PewScholars AwardNovember 2

Dr. Gene Yeo (10) - no

Dr. Daneil Ju - OCULAR (10) - no

Doris DukeClinical Scientist Development AwardNovember 17

Dr. Jonathan Lin (09) - no

Dr. Pradipta Ghosh (09) - yes

JD French Alzheimer'sDistinguished Research Scholar AwardNovember 30Dr. Jonathan Lin (09)