Making Agreement & Amendment Submissions Using the Agreements Application

The Agreements application is located at:


(If you have not previously used the Agreements application)

  • Go to As a new user you will have to request access. You will see the following message “You do not have access to this application. If you are a UC San Diego Employee and need access to this application, Please click on this link to email BADG Group for access. (BADG Group)
  • Click on the link to email for access.
  • Access is generally granted by the following business day.

Making a Submission

Click “Add New/Amendment” under the “Agreements” tab. A submission form will appear.

  • New agreement vs. amendment: Please make an amendment submission for continuation of, or changes to, a current active agreement. (E.g.: adding an additional SOW to a laboratory service agreement; extending a consulting term; changing the compensation amount of a clinical service agreement). Any other submission is considered a new agreement.
  • For a new agreement, select “New”.
  • For an amendment, click “Amendment/Renewal”. A box will pop up where you will enter the current UC San Diego agreement number in the format xxxx-xxxx. The previously entered information will auto-generate. Please verify and update all information. Be sure to verify the outside party contact name and email address are up to date.
  • Type: Please click here for a list of agreement types. If you have questions about the type, please ask for clarification prior to making the submission.
  • External Organization: The correct External Org name and the contact information for whoever is responsible for contract negotiation at the external entity - including the contact’s email address - are crucial. Business Contracting cannot negotiate an agreement without this information.
  • Scope of Work and Purpose: Enter a brief description of the services to be rendered. This section must be completed. (“See attached SOW” is not sufficient).
  • Term: Allowable term length varies based on agreement type. Please refer to the agreement types here.
  • Department: The Agreements application will not accept submission for a most agreement types if a valid Org Code is not entered. Please make sure one is included. Enter the PI in the “UCSD Principal” field. The “UCSD Contact” will be copied on all external communications. In most instances this filed lists the fund manager for the agreement, but not always. If uncertain, please check with your Department to verify you have the correct contact.
  • Animal Subjects: Please uncheck this box if animal subjects are not involved.
  • Accounting Information: The submitter is responsible for correctly entering compensation information. Compensation and department tax are business decisions left up to the Departments; they are not calculated by Business Contracting.
  • Special Notes: This optional section can be used for conveying additional clarifying information to the Business Contracting staff.
  • Once all fields are complete, click the “Forward Agreement” or “Submit Agreement” button (you will see one or the other based on your access). You will then be able to save or print a pdf copy of your submission for your records.
  • After saving or printing the pdf, you will see a screen allowing you to upload documents. Please upload all required submission documents at this time. For a list of documents required for each agreement type, please click here. Up to 5 documents can be uploaded. The application will accept documents in .doc/.docx/.pdf. For Business Contracting purposes, users must submit the SOW in Word, not pdf. (If you have more than 5 documents to submit, or you are submitting a budget or other document in Excel, please email the documents to immediately after you make the submission.)
  • Once the online request has been submitted you will receive an automated email from that your submission has been received (and forwarded to the department approver for submission approval).

Completed Submissions

A submission is considered complete once all of the following have happened:

  • An online submission has been made – all required fields are complete including all necessary outside party contact information. (The outside party name and an email address are required fields).
  • All required submission documents have been received.
  • The Department approver has approved the online submission in the Agreements application.

Please ensure your submission is complete. Incomplete submissions will cause delay.

Next Steps

  • Once a submission is complete the agreement is added to the Business Contracting queue.
  • Agreements are processed in the order complete submissions are received.
  • A member of the Business Contracting team will be in contact if additional documentation or clarification is required. Status can be checked in the Agreements application. The UC San Diego contact listed in on the submission will be copied on emails with the outside entity.
  • Turnaround time from complete submission to first contact with the external entity is approximately two to three weeks for a new submission. This is the time for Business Contracting staff to have their first draft to the entity (when our template is used) or the first comments on an external draft (when the entity requires their template). This timeframe can vary based on submission volume.
  • After first contact is made the timetable is variable. It is dependent on a number of factors, including outside party response time and the number of revisions required during negotiation.
  • When Business Contracting and the outside entity reach agreement on the contract terms the final draft is sent to the Department approver for approval.
  • Once Department approval is received our signatory signs the agreements and it is sent to the outside entity for countersignature.
  • When the countersigned agreement is received Business Contracting changes the status to “Active” and a copy of the fully executed agreement is sent to the Department approver and the UC San Diego contact.
  • Additionally, the HS Controller’s Office is triggered to create an index. The Department approver and UC San Diego contact will receive an index email from the Controller’s Office within a few days of an agreement becoming active. (Business Contracting does not create indexes).


Please address all agreement submission questions to: