About Us

The Health Sciences Faculty Council is the self-governing body of the Health Sciences Faculty. The primary tasks of the Health Sciences Faculty are to engage in research to fulfill the responsibility of the University to develop, transmit, and apply new knowledge in the health sciences; as well as to advise the Vice Chancellor Health Sciences concerning various matters, including the resources necessary to perform these missions. The Health Sciences Faculty Council will also:

  • Authorize and supervise all courses and curricula for health science courses.
  • Set the conditions for admission, testing, and promoting of medical and pharmacy students as well as for awarding of degrees.
  • Select, train, and certify students in Health Sciences Graduate Education Programs.

For additional information on any of these topics, or to learn about the specific workings of the Health Sciences Faculty Council, please read our Bylaws.


Sonia Ramamoorthy, Chair, Department of Surgery

Giovanna Casola, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, Department of Medicine

Saima Aslam, Member-at-Large, Department of Medicine

Ellen Beck, Member-at-Large, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health

Sean Evans, Member-at-Large, Department of Neurosciences 

Sherry Huang, Member-at-Large, Department of Pediatrics, Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education

Renate Pilz, Member-at-Large, Department of Medicine

Elizabeth Winzeler, Member-at-Large, Department of Pediatrics

William Wachsman, Past Chair, Department of Medicine

Charlie Goldberg, Chair, Faculty Rights and Welfare Committee, Department of Medicine

Dustin Lillie, Chair, Nominating Committee, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health

Cindy Kuelbs, Chair, SOM Committee on Academic Personnel, Department of Medicine

Cate Yashar, Chair, Committee on Educational Policy, Department of Radiation Medicine/Applied Science

Giovanna Casola, Chair, HS Committee on Planning and Budget, Department of Medicine

Tracy Handel, Division Head, Pharmaceutical Sciences, SSPPS

Jan Hirsch, Division Head, Clinical Pharmacy, SSPPS

David Brenner, Ex-Officio Member, Vice Chancellor Health Sciences/Dean School of Medicine

Thomas Moore, Ex-Officio Member, Chair, Board of Governors

Kathleen Kim, Ex-Officio Member, Acting Chief of Staff, Veteran’s Affairs

James Mckerrow, Ex-Officio Member, Dean, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Herb Kimmons, Ex-Officio Member, Dean, Children’s Services

Brandon Rhodes, Chief of Staff, Vice Chancellor Health Sciences/Dean School of Medicine

Andrew Ries, Ex-Officio Member, Associate Vice Chancellor, HS Academic Affairs

Maria Savoia, Ex-Officio Member, Dean, Medical Education

Jack Dixon, Ex-Officio Member, Associate Vice Chancellor, Scientific Affairs

David Kimber, Principal Business Officer, Vice Chancellor Health Sciences/Dean School of Medicine

Catherine Dooley, Administrative Analyst/Support