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NCLAM Program Overview

The  National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine (NCLAM) is a Health Sciences professional development program with a mentoring component for junior faculty at UC San Diego. NCLAM helps junior faculty develop skills appropriate for their academic career, implement a personal strategic plan and expand their network of colleagues within Health Sciences and University. 

Junior faculty attend a series of 16-18 workshops with topics ranging from UC San Diego expectations for academic promotion, to skill development in teaching and research, to professional development and leadership training. During the second half of the program, junior faculty choose a professional development project and are matched with a senior faculty mentor who can facilitate their progress. In return for the time dedicated to NCLAM, the department of each junior faculty is reimbursed by the Vice Chancellor Health Sciences Office at approximately 5% of his/her base salary for seven months while in the program.

  • Late January to early June, 2021
  • Weekly sessions on Fridays from 8:30am - 11:30am 
  • May to September, 2021 ~ Individual work on professional development project
  • September 10 and 17, 2021 ~ Professional development project presentations/Graduation
  • A salaried faculty with an appointment of 50% or greater 
  • Assistant Professor in a UC Faculty Series Step I - IV
  • Available for Friday morning sessions January – June 2021
  • Promotion file for Assistant to Associate not scheduled for review or submission before July 2021

Women and underrepresented minority (URM) faculty are encouraged to apply.

To receive the full benefits of NCLAM, applicants are strongly encouraged to have a salaried faculty appointment for at least one year before applying.

This program will beneft the Health Sciences junior faculty by developing skills appropriate for their various career paths. Junior faculty will create and implement a personal academic strategic plan aligned to the requirements for success at the University of California. This program also facilitates the development of a network of colleagues within Health Sciences.
Health Sciences benefits from the formal mentoring system developed within NCLAM that is focused on the academic career for junior faculty. The program provides a realistic support and feedback to junior faculty members about their academic progress in the UC system. It also enhances the connection and retention of faculty. NCLAM also provides an increased sense of community for both junior and senior faculty.