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Potential Research Mentors

​A sample of potential research mentors from a campus-wide pool for the UC San Diego FOCUS program are found in the table and links below. 

For a comprehensive list of faculty and specific research, please visit the following departments directly:

Also, please visit the IRACDA website for additional mentor choices,

Note that the pool of mentors is always increasing and if you are a mentor interested in being a part of the FOCUS program, please apply here.

If you have any questions, please email

Name (last, first), degreeDepartmentResearch Interest
Trejo, JoAnn, Ph.D.PharmacologySignaling vascular biology
Ross, Robert, M.D.MedicineCell-matrix and cell-cell adhesion in the adult and developing myocardium
Allison, Matthew, M.D.
​Family Medicine and Public Health
​Prevention cardiovascular disease, related to atherosclerosis, metabolism and body composition, kidney disease, women's health and racial/ethnic disparities
Anderson, Cheryl, Ph.D.
​Family Medicine and Public Health
Prevention of cardiovascular disease, related to diet, lifestyle and behavioral factors
Brown, Joan Heller, Ph.D.PharmacologyG Protein signaling in heart failure inflammation and cancer
Chen, Ju, Ph.D.
MedicineMolecular basis of cardiac disease
Chi, Neil, M.D. / Ph.D.MedicineMolecular mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and the development.
Engler, Adam, Ph.D.BioengineeringStem Cells in Cardiovascular Disease
Evans, Sylvia, Ph.D.PharmacyHeart development and regeneration
Glass, Chris, M.D. / Ph.D.Cellular and Molecular MedicineTranscription factors and co-regulators in function and differentiation of macrophages
Gustafsson, Asa, Ph.D.PharmacyMitochondria and Heart Failure
​Gutkind, Silvio, Ph.D.
Cell signaling, protein engineering, structure
McCulloch, Andrew, Ph.D.BioengineeringStructure of cardiac muscle; electrical and mechanical function of the heart
Omens, Jeffrey, Ph.D.MedicineCardiac mechanics, mechanobiology and computational modeling of heart disease
Patel, Hemal, Ph.D.AnesthesiologyThe role of caveolae and caveolins
​Rivera-Nieves, Jesus, M.D.
​Inflammation and inflammatory signaling
Roth, David, M.D. / Ph.D.AnesthesiologyCell survival and growth in ischemia and reperfusion injury, heart failure, and aging
Sheikh, Farah, Ph.D.MedicineBiomechanical stress responses in cardiac muscle and genetic-based cardiac disease
Shyy, John, Ph.D.MedicineHemodynamics and Inflammation in vascular disease
Tremoulet, Adriana, M.D.
Inflammation, pediatric pharmacology, Kawasaki disease and coronary artery disease, clinical trials
Villarreal, Francisco, M.D. / Ph.D.MedicineCardioprotection
Yelon, Deborah, Ph.D.BiologyMolecular mechanisms of cardiac development to provide insight to etiologies and treatment of congenital heart diseases.