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UC San Diego Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE)

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A talent development system for under-represented minority (URM) faculty success in academic medicine

The HCOE Faculty Development Program is designed to improve the recruitment, retention and success of URM faculty in academic medicine at UC San Diego.  The program enhances the academic skills of faculty and will provide funding for career development, research, innovative clinical care and curriculum development and will create a community of diverse faculty at UC San Diego Health Sciences. 

HCOE Faculty Orientation Packet - 01172018w.pdf

HCOE Faculty Scholars will be encouraged to participate in local and national faculty development programs as well as engage in workshops to improve skill development and the understanding of UC San Diego Health Sciences culture and environment. HCOE Faculty Scholars will participate in the HS Faculty Mentor Training Program (FMTP) to enhance their skills as mentors as well as mentees.  They will use these skills to work effectively with a senior faculty mentor and mentees including URM students, fellows/residents and postdocs. In addition, HCOE Scholars will work with members of the HCOE Faculty Advisory Committee to develop core projects related to: 1) Engagement, Leadership, Community, 2) Teaching and Mentoring or 3) Program Development and Research. HCOE Scholars will also attend quarterly meetings and other special events aimed at building a community of diverse HCOE Faculty Scholars.

Goals for the Faculty Scholar include: Career development, Leadership training, Mentoring up and down, Enhanced research network, Grant writing skills, Funding, Enhanced access and connection to students and trainees, Community of scholars

Goals for the Institution include: A more diverse and engaged faculty, Improved URM faculty recruitment and retention, Enhanced research networks and funding, Faculty more engaged with students and other trainees, Increased sense of community

The program description below provides a list of opportunities and activities available to the HCOE Faculty Scholars. Faculty Scholars will engage in activities based on their career development plan (CDP) and particular training needs.  
Please note that NCLAM program and AAAMC Seminars require separate applications. 

HCOE Workshops and Events 

HCOE Calendar ​
Workshops and/or Events
Fall Event | Kick-off and Orientation
Time: 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Required event for HCOE scholars
February 11, 2021Winter Event | Preparing for your Promotion
Spring Event | Broadening Participation in Mentorship
​June 9, 2021
​Summer Event | Core Area Project (CAP) Presentations

​Year 1​Year 2
Professional Development

Academic review and promotion

Develop Faculty Career Development Plan (CDP)

Mentorship training

Leadership training

AAMC Faculty Development seminar

Acquire critical skills for successful academic career in medicine and science.​

AAMC Faculty Development Seminar

Faculty CDP 

Mentorship training

Leadership training

Research​Grant and project management, personnel management

Lab management course

​Grant Writing Course (GWC)


National Scientific or Clinical Conference

Community Service​Identify existing research and community based programs for engagement ​Mentor HCOE or URM student;

Participate in research symposium for HCOE students
Quarterly Meetings
Networking, Community Building, CDP and HCOE Core Project Discussion
​Networking, Community Building, CDP and HCOE Core Project Discussion


HCOE Program Directors 
Vivian Reznik, MD, MPH, Faculty Director and Professor of Pediatrics and Family Medicine and Public Health
JoAnn Trejo, PhD, MBA, Assistant Vice Chancellor, HS Faculty Affairs, Professor of Pharmacology

HCOE Evaluation and Assessment Team
Deborah Wingard, PhD, Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health, Epidemiology
Samantha Hurst, PhD, Associate Project Scientist, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health

HCOE Advisory CommitteeDepartment
Cheryl Anderson, PhD, MPH Family Medicine and Public Health, Preventive Medicine
Maria Rosario "Happy" Arneta, PhD, MPHFamily Medicine and Public Health, Epidemiology
Luis Castellanos, MD, MPH Medicine, Cardiovascular
Mariana Cherner, PhD
Eduardo Fricovsky, PhDSkaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Simerot Jassal, MDMedicine
Alex Khalessi, MDSurgery and Neurosciences
A.J. Mundt, MD Radiation Medicine and Applied Science
Marc Norman, PhDPsychiatry
Lucilla Ohno-Machado, MD, PhDMedicine, Bioinformatics 
Victoria Ojeda, PhD, MPH Medicine, Global Public Health
Haydee Ojeda-Fournier, MDRadiology
Davey Smith, MDMedicine, Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health
Adriana Tremoulet, MD Pediatrics
Lindia Willies-Jacobo, MDPediatrics

Supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, Chancellor and Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Please inquire regarding the application process of each program listed: NCLAM, GWC, AAMC, and FMTP at Each program requires a separate application process.

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