Voluntary Reduction in Time

Reductions in time occur when an employee voluntarily reduces their percentage of effort. An employee may request from his or her department head approval to voluntarily reduce working time. It is the responsibility of the department head to evaluate departmental priorities and adjust workloads to ensure that functional objectives continue to be met.  If eligible, UCRP service credit accrual would be impacted based on the reduced appointment. This page contains information about when academic personnel can choose to reduce their time, the procedure to reduce their percentage, and how to return to full status.

For employees with an immigration status, any adjustment in the percentage of effort may impact your visa status.  Please consult with the International Faculty and Scholar’s Office prior to taking any action.

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Is there a maximum to how much a Faculty member can reduce their percentage?

Health Sciences faculty are members of the Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) if they hold a University funded appointment at greater than 50 percent time; a reduction in effort below 51% percent may result in loss of participation in the HSCP.  Reductions below 50% are possible, however may impact benefits eligibility. Any faculty or academic who wishes to reduce their percentage of effort below 50% should first speak with an ARC representative to become fully informed of the impact.  Faculty who are part of the Academic Senate may request a reduction in time by exception.

What is the process for requesting a Reduction in Time?

Faculty who are seeking to reduce their time should first speak with their Chair or Department Business Office to discuss their reasoning and the percent of effort they are seeking to reduce.  The Business Office shall then contact the Academic Resource Center to request a drafted memo reflecting the change, which will be signed by the candidate and Chair. The request will then be routed for approval.  Once all approvals have been received, the candidate and department will be informed.

Returning to Full Time

A section of the reduction in time memo will outline the effective date of the reduction and the date on which it will end. Following the specified end date, the faculty member will return to full-time status unless other arrangements have been made with the Department and coordinated through the Academic Resource Center.