ARC Announcements

The Academic Resource Center is continually looking for ways to improve the quality of service it provides to UC San Diego Health Sciences Faculty and Staff.  Find out about new and exciting changes coming to ARC below.

Summary of Lead Time by ARC Unit

Recommended lead times, or processing times, for different ARC services are listed below. Please be sure to submit your requests far enough in advance to allow for the appropriate lead time based on your desired effective date. Note that these times are the standard, minimum amounts of time required – please always submit your requests as early as possible.

ARC Support

  • Triage new cases within same business day unless request comes in afterhours/holiday/weekend, in which case will be triaged following business day.


  • Lead time is dependent upon desired start date of candidate(s).

New Appointments

  • New appointments need 90 days advance notice in order to properly process.
  • New Visiting faculty/academic titles - need at least 90 days advance notice to be processed by requested date.
  • RTADs - ARC sends notice to department 90 days in advance for expiring RTADs.
  • Division letters should be provided to ARC 2 weeks in advance in order to write department letter to move forward with appointment.


  • Generally need at least 75 days in advance for international scholar requests and 45 days in advance for U.S. citizen requests.

Personnel Administration

  • MSP contract processing requires at least 2 weeks advance notice.
  • Separations require at least 2 weeks advance notice.
  • Leaves require at least 2 weeks advance notice.
  • Layoffs and Involuntary Reductions in time require at 45 days lead time for a Non-Faculty Academic and at least 105 days for a Non-Senate-Series Faculty.
  • Lead times for Onboardings are internally-dependent based on the client's start date.
  • Voluntary Increases and Reductions in Time require at least a week prior to the VC required submission date. For voluntary reductions and increases in time effective the 1st of the month, requests must be submitted to ARC no later than three (3) weeks before the proposed effective date. For voluntary reductions in time effective on all other dates, requests must be submitted no later than the 25th of the month prior to the impacted month (ex: VRIT effective 3/15/17, VRIT must be submitted to ARC by 2/25/17 for timely processing).

Compensation & Timekeeping

  • Fund changes and incentive payments - 3 days before PPS deadline.
  • Timekeeping - completed by date set on reminder sent out by ARC.


  • After call letters sent out to faculty in department, ARC needs about 2 months of processing time (dependent on responsiveness of candidate).
  • For department specific meetings, ARC will need to be provided materials 2 weeks ahead of time in order to prepare for meeting.

**Important** Campus Closure Updates

ARC Closed During Official Campus Closure

ARC will be closed during the official campus closure: Monday, December 26, through Tuesday, January 3, and returning on Wednesday, January 4.

Unit Deadlines

In light of the campus closure, please read the deadlines outlined below to ensure timely processing of your request.


Postdoc, Visiting Scholar and Visiting Graduate Student appointments and corresponding visas with a start date in January must be received by ARC by November 16 to ensure enough processing time of the appointment and visa.

Personnel Administration


The last offering of onboarding in 2016 will be on Wednesday, December 21. We kindly ask that departments utilizing this service notify us of any candidates/employees expected to start near or during the closure. Regularly scheduled onboarding will resume on Friday, January 6.


MSP Staff Physician contracts with a start date in early January must be submitted no later than December 5, with all required documents (ECC approval, job description, candidate CV) to allow for adequate processing and onboarding time.


As a friendly reminder, ARC must be notified at least 2 weeks in advance for any separation in order to assure timeliness to pay out an employee’s final paycheck (including earnings to date, overtime, compensatory time, and vacation hours). Please refer to for more information. Note: the campus payroll office will be closed during the campus closure so final wages should be issued before 12/23/16 for separation dates between 12/23/16 – 1/3/17.

Unit Announcements

IMPORTANT: Department of Labor Ruling and Implementation for Non-Faculty Academics – please email ARC with questions.


For your reference and guide, a copy of the most recent standard operating procedure for faculty recruitments has been attached to this message. Questions can be sent to Jacque Daniel (


Visiting Scholar Appointments

OPVSA recently informed ARC that the lead time to request visiting scholar appointments is sixty days in advance of the start date.

USCIS Fee Changes Effective 12/23/2016

USCIS fees will be changing as of 12/23/2016; any applications/petitions filed on or after this date with the Immigration Service Center will need to include payment with the new fee. For more information, see:

IFSO processing timelines: IFSO will make every attempt to file complete H-1B cases received by November 9th for rush processing using the current USCIS fee structure. Any rush cases received in our office after November 9th, or cases remaining incomplete as of this date, will need to have checks reflecting the new USCIS fee structure. Starting today, all regularly processed H-1B cases will need checks reflecting the new USCIS fee structure. Any cases currently with IFSO H-1B advisors will be looked at on a case by case basis to determine if new checks will be needed. For more information on the fee structure, please visit the USCIS site here:

Compensation & Timekeeping

In response to the recent changes passed by the Department of Labor (refer to attached message), Compensation & Timekeeping unit will be assisting with the MyTime Entry (MTE) timekeeping system setup for all the affected Visiting Graduate Students (VGS), part-time postdoc scholars, and part-time academics that will need to be converted to non-exempt title codes effective 11/20/16. IMPORTANT: The employees are now required to report hours worked and any leave usage (vacation/sick) every two weeks in order to be paid. The Supervisors or alternate time approvers must approve the timecards by the deadlines in order for the employees to be paid. Failure to do so will result in no paycheck on the biweekly pay day and potential financial hardship on the employees. To assist with this change, our unit will be sending out bi-weekly reminders to the affected employees and supervisors/time approvers to remind them of the deadline dates.

Training Available!


The Academic Resource Center, in partnership with VC Health Sciences Academic Affairs and Faculty Compensation team, is pleased to announce the start of a new training series to build a collaborative environment of continuous improvement and teamwork. ARC is committed to strengthening our partnership through the development of tools and information sessions that will provide guidance and support to our department partners. The training series will be a combination of classroom, webinars, and brown bag sessions to allow flexibility for participation.

Our first offering will be a webinar demonstration on the “Voting Module” to be held via Ready Talk on Tuesday, December 6 , 2016, 10:30 am – 11:00 am. Please RSVP to Ruth Sinclair: | (619) 543-2139 if you plan to participate. An email invitation will be sent with the dial in/log in information.

If you would like to request a special training session for your department/division, please contact Ruth directly.


Training is available for staff on the recently ratified UC/UAW contract. Dates and times are located here:

General ARC Announcements

Compensation & Timekeeping

We are pleased to announce a new team member, Juana Reyes. She has previously worked at UC Riverside, where she was the lead payroll analyst for the School of Medicine and handled payroll functions for employees that included Health Sciences clinical faculty, researchers, and post-docs, staff, and student. In her current role, she will be handling the compensation and timekeeping for the Faculty and MSP populations. We will update the current team assignments and will send the changes to all the affected departments once it is ready.


We are pleased to welcome Jennifer Cahalan to the Recruitments team. Jennifer worked as an attorney practicing law in the education field. Her clients consisted primarily of school districts and community colleges, and the bulk of her practice was related to employee matters. As an Assistant Administrative Analyst, Jennifer will help with all academic recruitments functions. Her portfolio will be established as soon as she completes the requisite training.

Postdoctoral Ambassador Program

On behalf of the UC San Diego Postdoctoral Association (PDA), we would like to share information about the Ambassador program, a resource developed for all new postdocs arriving at UCSD.

Moving to a new location and to a new position can be stressful. The UC San Diego PDA would like to offer assistance with this transition through our Ambassador Program. Established in collaboration with the UC San Diego International Faculty & Scholar Office, this program places incoming postdocs in contact with a fellow “Ambassador”. Ambassadors are postdoctoral researchers who are currently working at UC San Diego and share the same nationality or interests. As people from the same geographic location often have similar challenges and/or questions about moving to the greater San Diego area, the PDA primarily matches new arrivals with Ambassadors from the same country or region of origin.

For more information on this program, please visit the UC San Diego Postdoctoral Association webpage or visit the Ambassador Program webpage directly.