Similar to staff employees, academic employees should report and submit their time worked or taken off to ensure accurate effort reporting. Different systems are used for different academic employee types (e.g., faculty, academics, MSP staff physicians, scholars).  For more information on timekeeping procedures, please see the information below.

Note: for the employees that are on variable appointments/contracts, they will need to report the actual time work in order to be paid.  These employees will not need to report vacation/sick hours.

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Timekeeping Systems

MyTime Entry

MyTime Entry (MTE) is the preferred timekeeping application, which was developed by UC San Diego's ACT department, for most types of employees to use. This system allows you to report time, obtain electronic approval from your supervisor, and review your leave balances online. 

Please click here for more information about how to use MyTime.

E-mail Reporting

E-mail Reporting is a process developed by the Academic Resource Center for those who are unable to use MTE (excluding postdoctoral scholars). The collection of reported time is managed from our case management system, Service Now, and generally follows this process:

  1. A reminder is sent out to the employee at the beginning of each month.
  2. The employee responds to the message by the 15th of the month indicating the days they have taken or plan to take off on the calendar provided.
  3. An ARC representative records the employee's time and new leave balances are reflected on the Leave Activity Summary Report (LASR) in the subsequent month.


POSTime was launched in March 15, 2016.

POSTime offers online, automated timekeeping functionality for Postdoctoral Scholars. 

You can log on to POSTime using your AD credentials (email) at:

If you are getting a "Not Registered" message, it means that we do not have records to support your current leave and/or sick balances. Please email ARCRequest@ucsd.edu to begin the registration/verification process.


Which timekeeping system should I use?

The system or process you will follow is dictated by a variety of factors, including:

  • Your Title Rank and Series
  • Your Home Department

Detailed information about how you will report your time will be addressed at the time of hire and onboarding. If you have questions about which process to use or about the systems themselves, please  contact the Academic Resource Center.

What are the differences between exempt and non-exempt employees?

Exempt Employees

  • Are paid on a monthly basis and are not eligible for overtime.
  • Have a set monthly salary based on the minimum of 40 hours per week.

Non-Exempt Employees

  • Are paid on a biweekly basis and are eligible for overtime.
  • Biweekly pay is determined by the number of hours worked.

What are exception hours and how do I report them?

Exception hours are sick and vacation hours.

For exempt employees, the method of reporting sick and vacation hours varies depending on which system is being used. Please refer to the "Timekeeping Systems" section above for more information about each individual system.

How many vacation and sick hours do I accrue each month?

Your eligibility and the rate at which you accrue sick and PTO/vacation are dependent upon your appointment type and appointment percentage.  Please contact the Academic Resource Center for specific information about your accruals.