Layoffs and Involuntary Reductions in Time (PPM 230-7)

As of November 1, 2014, the UC San Diego policy on layoffs and involuntary reductions in time for non-Senate academics appointees (PPM 230-7) was revised to include instructions for layoffs and involuntary reductions in time for all non-Senate series.

  • Roster maintenance: the layoff unit will maintain a roster of all appointees in layoff status who were subject to a layoff/involuntary reduction in time by the layoff unit.
    • The Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs’ Office will maintain the database from which this roster can be queried. Contact your Tier 2 analyst for assistance.
  • Notice of Eligibility: The layoff unit must notify all appointees in the layoff roster of open positions within the layoff unit for which they may be qualified. Layoff units are encouraged to send a notice of eligibility to all appointees on the layoff roster within the layoff unit in the applicable series. (The notification requirement is not applicable to positions for which a waiver of an open recruitment has been approved.)

For a link to the implementing procedures for the revised PPM 230-7 (including a list of designated layoff unit heads by department, sample layoff notices, instructions to access the layoff roster, and a sample notice of eligibility for open positions), please see below:

For questions, please contact Rebecca Woolston (< or Linda Navarro (


A letter of resignation including the place of future employment is required. This letter should be submitted to the Health Sciences Academic Affairs Office as soon as the resignation is submitted. Separations are entered in PPS and departments are required to complete separation paperwork. 

Upon receipt of separation information, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will send an Exit Interview Questionnaire (in confidence) to the faculty member who is separating (not retiring) from UCSD, and invite him/her for an Exit Interview. 

In the event of a death, special procedures must be followed. The Notice of Death Form must be completed and submitted to Health Sciences Academic Affairs Office.