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Policy and Resources

The Policy and Resources section brings together other policy matters that apply to additional requests and processes, which the Academic Affairs office reviews. These policies are listed below.

  • Leaves: Learn more about policies surrounding different types of leave available to Faculty and Academics.
  • Conflict of Commitment: Review information about APM 025 and 671, which pertain to appropriate conduct regarding professional commitment to UC and other organizations.
  • Recall to Active Duty (RTAD) and Emeritus Faculty: Learn more about policy surrounding post-retirement actions, such as Faculties' and Academics' returning to active duty, and requesting Emeritus status.
  • Move Requests: Learn more about removals, including what they are, why they're necessary, and the process required for them.
  • Layoffs/Separations: View specific policy pertaining to layoffs and separations, including when each would be appropriate and the steps required for each of them.
  • Chairs/Deans Administrative Review: Access policy surrounding the 5 year review process.
  • Voluntary Changes in Percent Effort: Access process and procedures regarding voluntary changes in percent time.