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Conflict of Commitment

APM 671 - Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants

APM 671 is the University of California policy on conflict of commitment and outside activities and the disposition of income earned from outside professional activities. The policy provides guidance for the identification and management of outside professional activities in order to avoid conflicts of commitment, while ensuring that Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) participants may engage in a wide array of outside activities without unnecessary limitations. This policy is specific to faculty members who are HSCP participants. Faculty members who are not HSCP participants are subject to the provisions of APM - 025.

HSCP members should be aware of the primary provisions of the new policy:

  • Effective July 1, 2015, the maximum annual outside professional activities earnings approval threshold will be $40,000 or 40% of the fiscal year base salary scale (Scale 0), whichever is greater for an individual faculty member’s rank and step.
  • The University’s general and professional liability and workers’ compensation coverage does not extend to faculty who conduct activities that are outside the course and scope of the faculty member’s University employment.
  • Faculty who engage in professional activities that are outside the course and scope of their University employment are encouraged to obtain outside legal consultation and consider obtaining personal liability insurance.

Links to APM 671 forms are located below: