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Voluntary  Changes  in Percent Time (VRIT or VIT Process)

​Academics and Non-Senate Faculty are permitted to voluntarily alter their percentage of effort at any time their funding is impacted or their service is changed. Look below for more details:

Since October 15, 2006, the VCHS Academic Affairs Office has monitored and approved the following voluntary changes in percent time, including and not limited to UC/VA Split Employees:

1. Currently 49% time or less increasing to 50% time or more
2. Currently 50% time or more reducing to 49% time or less

Beginning March 1, 2017, the VCHS Academic Affairs Office will also be notified on all voluntary changes in percent time impacting the Exempt and Non-Exempt status for all Non-Faculty Academic Series, which may occur outside the above ranges.

Please contact your Academic Resource Center or Department Contact to confirm if a request requires VC Approval and for information regarding voluntary reductions in time with intent to resign from the University or take a position at an outside institution, and for voluntary increases in time from Non-salaried appointments (0% effort).

Unsure of whether or not the request requires VC Approval? 

Please consult the Voluntary Change in Percent Time Guidelines.pdf

For exceptions to policy (i.e. Senate Series requests or Involuntary Reductions in time), please contact Rebecca Woolston of the VCHS Academic Affairs Office at