HS Faculty Compensation

Health Sciences Faculty Compensation is the main resource for departments or faculty seeking more information about the policy behind their salary determinations. This section breaks down into 5 pages as described below.

  • HSCP & APU Information: Get more information about the Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) and learn more about policy surrounding Academic Programmatic Units (APUs).
  • Salary Scales & Resources: View salary scales for each different series served by Academic Affairs.
  • UC/VA Split Appointments: Learn about specific policy pertaining to physicians who split time between a UC appointment and a VA (Veteran's Affairs) Hospital appointment.
  • National Salary Ranking Data: Access the National Salary Ranking Data application used by UC San Diego.
  • MSP Staff Physicians: Review policy pertaining to MSP Staff Physician appointments. MSPs provide clinical services to UC San Diego patients but typically do not teach or perform research.
  • Z Payments: Review Deadlines and Policy regarding incentive/bonus compensation, not covered by UCRP.