HSCP & APU Information


The purpose of this Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) is to provide a common administrative framework within which a participating health sciences school can compensate its faculty according to the competitive requirements of each discipline. Specific goals of the Plan are:

  1. To provide sufficient non-State resources to recruit and retain outstanding health sciences faculty;
  2. To encourage a balance among teaching, research/scholarship, clinical care, and University and public service activities that meet the standards of excellence required in the University of California;
  3. To provide teaching, patient care and research incentives that encourage and recognize academic merit as well as generation of income;
  4. To offer consistent benefits and privileges to participating health sciences faculty; and
  5. To benefit the health sciences schools by providing academic and research support funds in addition to State-appropriated funds.


Health Sciences faculty are members of the HSCP if they hold a University appointment at 51% or greater, in any of the following salaried professorial series titles: Professor, Professor in Residence, Professor of Clinical X (e.g., Medicine), Adjunct Professor, Acting Professor, Clinical Professor, Visiting Professor, Health Sciences School Dean titles and any other title series approved for membership in the Plan by The Regents. Membership in the Plan is a term and condition of employment.

HSCP Information

Academic Program Units (APUs)

Academic Programmatic Units (APUs) are a group of 5 or more HSCP faculty members whose activities are programmatically similar. An APU shall comprise faculty with similar clinical, teaching and research responsibilities. The characteristics of the group (type of activity, potential for income, etc.) are used to determine the base salary scale. All members of an APU share the same salary scale.

Department Compensation Plans & Good Standing Criteria