MSP Staff Physicians

MSP (Management and Senior Professional) Staff Physician Contracts

MSP Staff Physician regular contract templates:

MSP Staff Physician compensation/revision language for regular contracts:



RTADs Working as MSP Staff Physicians

Job Card and Classification


Training for the processing of MSP Staff Physician contracts is done on a one-to-one basis. Detailed MSP Staff Physician contracting training manuals are available in the Dean's Office.

To arrange a training session or to obtain a training manual please contact Angelica Mangindin at (619) 543-1827 or

MSP GME "Moonlighting"

Administration of the GME/ABMS MSP contracts resides with the Graduate Medical Education. Questions pertaining to these contracts should be directed to : Cindy Slaughter, Director Graduate Medical Education, (619) 543-7768,

Questions regarding billing compliance should be directed to: Kevie Naughton, Director Compliance/Privacy, (619) 471-9152,