Committee Announcements, Dates, and Deadlines

Many academic files, depending on review action, rank, and series must be reviewed by a committee of faculty with the expertise to ensure that the work of their colleagues supports the Health Sciences mission of exceptional teaching, research, and patient care. 

For all Health Sciences Academic Affairs Dean's Office's File Submission Deadlines by Action, please see here 2017 - 2018 VCHS deadlines.pdf

In order for files to be reviewed in the most efficient manner, they should be submitted by specific deadlines in order to receive necessary committee review. Health Sciences faculty are reviewed by one or even two of the following four committees. Please see below for committee announcements, dates, scheduled deadlines for each committee:

CAP - Committee on Academic Personnel

​NEW ANNOUNCEMENT- "Where CAP Stood" comments for the 2014-15

Every Wednesday, CAP reviews appointments, promotions, and other review actions for the Professor, Professor In Residence, Clinical X, Adjunct, and Research Scientist series. The CAP Meeting schedule can be found on the UC Academic Senate Website here.

SOMCAP - School of Medicine Committee on Academic Personnel

SOMCAP reviews appointments, promotions, and other review actions for the Clinical X and (Health Sciences) Clinical Professor series. For 2015-2016, SOMCAP is tentatively scheduled to meet every first and third Tuesday of the month starting on September 22, 2015, dependent on faculty availability and agenda items. Please contact your department analyst for more information.




DewleenMember at Large
Van HoesenKaren
Member at Large
Member at Large 

PSSRP - Project Scientists and Specialists Review Panel

PSSRP reviews appointments, promotions, and other review actions for the Project Scientist and Specialist series. The PSSRP Meeting Schedule can be found here.

AARP - Academic Administrator and Academic Coordinator Review Panel

AARP reviews appointments, promotions, and review actions for the Academic Administrator and Academic Coordinator series. The AARP Meeting Schedule can be found here.

For more information on Committee review actions, dates, and deadlines please consult the Academic Personnel Authority and Review Chart or contact your department's tier 2 analyst.