Department Assignments

Academic Affairs File Audit Assignments (2016-2017)

The below table discloses which Academic Affairs staff member audits specific actions for each department Academic Affairs services. Please note the following information about each tier consists of:

  • Tier 0: Forms (Layoffs, Leaves, RTADs, Selection Reports, and Waivers)
  • Tier 1: Non-Committee Files
  • Tier 2: Committee Files
2017 - 2018 VCAA Assignments.pdf

Other Audit Assignments for All Departments

  • CLIFF files are audited by Julie Berry (A-L) and Marielle Teng (M-Z).
  • Leaves, Layoffs, RTADs, and Reductions in Time are audited by Linda Navarro (A-L), Marielle Teng (A-L), Julie Berry (M-Z), and Elisha Cata (M-Z).
  • Separations are audited by Marielle Teng.
  • Selection reports and waivers are audited by the department's assigned Tier 2 analyst.