Controller's Office

The Controller’s Office of the Vice Chancellor Health Sciences provides financial services to the School of Medicine, the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The School of Medicine comprises 17 departments, the Vice Chancellor Offices and Self-Supporting Units, all dedicated towards fulfilling the Health Sciences missions.  

Financial services provided include, but are not limited to, Accounting, Financial Reporting, Budget Preparation, Data Management, General Ledger Management, Equipment Inventory, Purchasing, Cash Handling, SPA Reporting , LCME and other surveys and Administrative Support.


Cheryl A. Ross
VCHS Financial Officer
Charles Wei
Director of Accounting and Reporting
(619) 471-3835
Susselys Virgil
Assoc Dir-Strat Rev Init/Invoi
(619) 543-2128
Samantha Rosales
Senior Financial Analyst
(619) 543-2728
Rico DeFelice
Financial Operations Analyst
(619) 543-3275
Li Song
Accountant IV
(619) 543-2169
Tamara Holmes
BFA Office Manager
(619) 543-2256
Jazmin Gaytan
Project Policy Analyst
(619) 543-2655
Frida Motte 
Accountant III
(619) 543-1994
Illan Aristarhov
Accountant IV
(619) 543-2361 
Wayne Zhang
Accountant IV
(619) 471-3836 
Alejandro Vasquez
Accountant III
(619) 543-5666 
Alex Bernache
Fiscal Assistant
(619) 543-3056