Financial Management Alignment Program (FINMAN)

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Date: 1/27/2016
Important Message from Dr. David Brenner, Vice Chancellor, UC San Diego Health Sciences and Dean of the School of Medicine, and Pierre Ouillet, Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer for UC San Diego and Acting Chief Financial Officer for Health Sciences.

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The FINMAN Initiative was established to standardize and integrate financial reporting capabilities across Health Sciences.  Please visit this page for updates on the FINMAN Initiative.

Program Objectives:

  • Establish accrual basis and standardized accounting practices and systems across all programs and services within Health Sciences.
  • Ensure accounting practices, reports and systems are aligned with the functional needs of the users, departments, and organization.
  • Establish consistent reporting format and functionality to enable performance management, accountability, and transparency.
  • Provide Chairs, CAOs, Department Leadership, and other key stakeholders with the proper reports and tools to manage the performance of their respective program and service line activity.
  • Ensure the awareness of and adherence and compliance to the new standardized accounting practices.
  • Ensure alignment and integration with campus and UCOP standards and system requirements.
  • Provide a solid financial infrastructure on which to develop and grow the organization.

Key Dates:

April 2020 Month-End Close - Ledger Cut Off May 8th

  • Tuesday, Apr. 14th - ACCR Reports Available
  • Monday, Apr. 27th - Pre-lim Monthly Close Form Due
  • Monday, May 4th - Final Monthly Close Form Due

May 2020 Month-End Close - Ledger Cut Off June 5th

  • Tuesday, May 19th - ACCR Reports Available
  • Monday, May 25th - Pre-lim Monthly Close Form Due
  • Monday, Jun. 1st - Final Monthly Close Form Due

      FY20 Monthly Close Key Dates Calendar

      FY20 Monthly Deadline Schedule

Important Information


 19900A & 19933A Funds 

  • Academic FTE related dollars on 19900A and 19933A funds should be setup on Program Code 400000. 
  • This fund/program code combination is needed for cap gap swap indexes and academic FTE operating indexes. 
  • If academic FTE dollars are being used, they must be on Program Code 400000. 
  • All other dollars on 19900A and 19933A fund can be setup on other program codes. 

Cap Gap Swaps 

  • Department cap gap swaps will be calculated using the following mechanism. The calculation below does not factor in your vacant academic FTE dollars. 
    • Cap Gap Swap Received = Cap Gap Request – Current 19933A FTE Dollars 
    • Scenarios:
    1. If your 19933A FTE allocation is GREATER THAN the amount you requested for cap gap, you will not receive a swap between 19900A and 19933A funds because you have enough current 19933A dollars to cover cap gap. No action will occur on your FTE dollars.
    2. If your 19933A FTE allocation is LESS THAN the amount you requested for cap gap, you will receive a swap between 19900A and 19933A to cover the net difference

Rady's Accrual

  • Regular Rady Salaries and Benefits
    • July: Prior year data is collected from the departments and an estimated accrual journal is processed.
    • Months following July:
    1. The monthly invoice (from previous month payroll data) that has been sent to Rady is provided by Kristin.
    2. Based on the information on the invoice, necessary adjustments (excluding the Rady Z payments if there is any included in the invoice) are made in order to process the current month’s Rady Salaries and Benefits accrual.
    3. The previous month accrual is reversed at the same time.
  • Rady OH

    1. The projected model for the overhead distribution is provided by Kristin.
    2. This projection number is used to process OH accrual.
  • Rady Z Payments

    1. If the department decides to pay Rady Z payments during the current month, the department provides this Z payment info on the monthly close form.
    2. The revenue is accrued along with the department’s other accrual items.
    3. When the distribution journal is processed in the following month, the revenue accrual journal is reversed.

CEDF Incentive Payments

  • FY15 Incentives paid November 30, 2015.
  • Jul-Dec FY16 Incentives to be paid December 2015. Associated accruals will be reversed when payment is posted.
  • Effective January 2016, Incentives will be paid monthly.

Training Presentations

FINMAN Update to HSSAL, ABOs, Finance Managers - 12/18/2014 

FINMAN Department P&L Training – 2/3/2015 

Agenda: Resource Alignment Update, Dept P&L Workstreams Update, P&L Overview, Line Item Mapping, Future Tools & Drill Down Reports 

FINMAN Department P&L Accrual Training #1 – 2/12/2015 

Agenda: Academic Budget, Tuition/Fees, IDCR, Other Assessments, Department Overhead, Other Expenses (Supplies, Other), Campus Services 

FINMAN Department P&L Accrual Training #2 – 3/18/2015 

Agenda: Monthly Close, Affiliation Agreements, Capital Expenditures & Depreciation, Academic Funds/Benefits, Fund Exchanges, YTD Accrual Lessons Learned 

FINMAN Department P&L Training #3 – Reserves & Clinical Funds – 4/1/2015 

Agenda: Accrual Review for Cap Gap & Fund Exchanges, Capital Expenditures, Clinical Funds, Reserve Guidelines 

FINMAN Department P&L Training #4 - 5/6/2015 

Agenda: Clinical Funds Review, Service Agreements, ENPETs, Faculty Salaries (Z Payments), Gifts & Endowments, Monthly Close Process for FY15, YTD Accruals Lessons Learned 

FINMAN Department P&L Training #5 - 5/20/2015 

Agenda: Monthly P&L Review Process, Monthly Close Form Workshop, Department Action Steps 

FINMAN Department P&L Training - Reserves Overview & Implementation - 6/17/2015 

Agenda: Reserves Overview, Examples, and Implementation 
Sample Reserves Implementation Journal Voucher 

FINMAN Department P&L Training - Year End Close - 6/25/2015 

Agenda: Year End Close, FY16 Preparation, Reserves Update 

FINMAN Annual Accrual Form Training - 7/16/15 (Updated 7/24/15 - new slides 6 & 7) 

Agenda: Annual Accrual Form Purpose, Format, & Process, Workshop, and Key Updates 

FINMAN July Monthly Close Training - 7/29/15 

Agenda: July Monthly Close Form & Process, Reminder on Academic FTEs and Reserves Implementation 

FINMAN Webinar - August Monthly Close - 8/21/15 

Agenda: August Monthly Close Process, New Reversals Process, Academic FTE Benefits Update, Reserves Implementation Deadline

FINMAN Webinar - October Monthly Close - 10/22/15 

Agenda: Cognos Reporting, Monthly Close Update, Service Agreement Accrual Clarification, Reserves Audit Findings and Consolidations, UCOP Assessment Allocation Process

FINMAN Department Training - Invoicing/AR Solution Analysis - 1/4/2016

Simplified Operating Funds Initiative (SOFI) - 1/26/2016 - A Financial Simplification Strategy Sponsored by the VC - Chief Financial Officer Pierre Ouillet

ABO Meeting 2/22/2016 - Office of Clinical Trials Administration (OCTA) Dashboard Phase 2C

  • CIS Dec'15 True Up
  • Department Graph FY16
  • Landing Page Layout and Source Data 1 (2/16/2016)
  • Landing Page Layout and Source Data 2 (2/16/2016)

ABO eCOI Group Presentation 4/18/2016

ECC Request Mar 2016

ABO Meeting 5/16/16

ABO Meeting 6/20/16
Q1 Financial Review Template Webinar 10/18/16

Other Resources


Monthly Close Form (Updated 8/28/15) - Minor formatting updates 

Department Inventorial Equipment Purchase Form 

Revenue/Check Transmittal Form (Updated 10/01/2016) - must be included with any checks sent to the Central Cashier's Office

FY17 Annual Accrual Form (Due Mon, 8/1/2016) 

Monthly FinMan Review Certification

FY18 Annual Accrual Form (Due Fri, 7/28/2017)


ACCR Reports - Located in your department folder, under Supplementals

Cognos Reports - P&L and Cash Flow reports are available in your department folder.

The >$5000 Possible Accruals report is located in the Ad Hoc, Non Care Payment, Profit and Loss Accrual Data folder.

Any Cognos questions or access issues, please contact Daniel Redfern.