Expenditure Commitments Committee

The Expenditure Commitments Committee (ECC) reviews all expenditures in the amount of $100,000 or more, as well as all FTE appointments and all faculty recruitments, including new MSP requests.  MSP renewals, MSP moonlighters, change in series, or change in effort distribution do not require ECC approval.

The ECC meets weekly on Mondays.  DBOs and/or CAOs are required to participate by phone when their agenda item is reviewed and a meeting invite will be sent out in advance.  All submissions should include a Summary; all clinical recruitments (including MSPs) will also require a completed Clinical Pro-Forma.  Recruitments are reviewed once for position requests and a second time when a candidate has been identified.  Departments should receive ECC approval before finalizing financial commitments with prospective candidates.  Submit a CV along with the request, as well as any relevant backup documentation as appropriate.  Please plan appropriately and submit requests to the ECC in a timely fashion, as the weekly agenda has a limited number of openings.

Please submit ECC requests and questions to Teresa Kelly at trkelly@ucsd.edu.