Expenditure Commitments Committee

The Expenditure Commitments Committee (ECC) reviews all expenditures in the amount of $100,000 or more, as well as FTE appointments, faculty recruitments, including new MSP requests, and new Advanced Practice Provider (APP) recruitments. MSP renewals, MSP moonlighters, change-in-series, or change in effort distribution do not require ECC approval.

The ECC meets weekly on Thursdays. DBOs and/or CAOs are required to participate by phone when their agenda item is reviewed and a meeting invite will be sent out in advance. All submissions should include a Summary; all clinical recruitments (including MSPs) will also require a completed Clinical Pro-Forma. Faculty recruitments are reviewed once for position requests and a second time when a candidate has been identified; APP recruitments are reviewed once for position requests. Departments should receive ECC approval before finalizing financial commitments with prospective candidates. Submit a CV along with the request, as well as any relevant backup documentation as appropriate. Please plan appropriately and submit requests to the ECC in a timely fashion, as the weekly agenda has a limited number of openings.

Please submit ECC requests and questions to Teresa Kelly at trkelly@ucsd.edu.