Health Sciences Space Advisory Committee (HSSAC)

HSSAC Charge

The Health Sciences Space Advisory Committee (HSSAC) was established to provide general guidance and specific recommendations to the Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences in regard to the most effective use of existing space, the assignment of new space, and the need for future facilities development for instruction and research, and organized research activities.

The Committee will:

  1. Review space policy and recommend changes as necessary, at least every three years.
  2. Recommend space analyses as needed.
  3. Conduct annual reviews, including a walk-through of all departments and ORU space. Faculty assigned space will be reviewed, and each department/ORU will provide written space utilization reviews and supporting documentation.
  4. Annually review and comment on space utilization by department/ORU and identify space available for reallocation.
  5. Recommend programmatic priorities for space assignments, and development of new space.
  6. Assist in defining the need/scope of future instruction and research space, and ORU related support facilities.

2021 Review Schedule and Meeting Dates

​Meeting Date
​Department Review
​Review Captain (Dept.)

March 17, 2021
No Department Space Review

April 21, 2021
Pharmacology, The HIV Institute, CRBS - Center for Research in Biological Systems
Arden, Karen (Medicine/Ludwig)

May 19, 2021
Hoffman, Hal (Pediatrics)
​June 16, 2021
Orthopaedic Surgery, Ophthalmology
Handel, Tracy (SSPPS)
July 21, 2021
​Anesthesiology, Dermatology
Ward, Sam (Orthopaedic Surgery)
August 18, 2021
​No Space Meeting

September 15, 2021
Medicine (Part 1)
DeMaio, Antonio (Surgery)
October 20, 2021
Medicine (Part 2)
​Pam Mellon (Repro Med)
​November 17, 2021
Medicine (Part 3)
​Stein, Murray (Psychiatry)
​December 15, 2021
Tukey, Bob (Pharmacology)

NOTE:  Sanford, ECOB, MCC, MPF, NARF and Lease Spaces are not included in space review.
Meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.