Health Sciences Equipment Locations

The following equipment is managed by the Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences/School of Medicine Dean's Office:

AutoclavesFilm ProcessorsIce Machines
BSB 1001BSB 3066BSB 2nd floor cross corridor (2017)
BSB 4017BSB 5052BSB 3rd floor cross corridor
BSB 5017CMME 1090BSB 4017
CMME 1040CMME 2016BSB 5017
CMME 2009Leichtag 143CMME 1090
CMME 3009Leichtag 243CMME 2016
CTF B301Leichtag 343CMME 2066
Leichtag 161MCCT 2365CMME 3023
Leichtag 261MCCT 3365CTF B301
Leichtag 361MCCT 4365Leichtag 1st floor equipment corridor
MCCT 2363MTF 420Leichtag 2nd floor equipment corridor
MCCT 3363Skaggs 2125Leichtag 3rd floor equipment corridor
MCCT 4363Skaggs 4117MCCT 2nd floor
 UC 303 
MCCT 5363205BMCCT 3rd floor
MTF 206 MCCT 4th floor
MTF 438 MCCT 5th floor
Skaggs 2168 MTF 142
Skaggs 3168 MTF 242
Skaggs 4168 MTF 342
Stein B062 MTF 406
  Skaggs 2175
  Skaggs 3167
  Skaggs 4175
  UC 303 second floor
  TGF 210

During regular business hours:
If you are having issues with an autoclave, please call the Facilities Management Service Referral Desk at 858-534-2930.

If a processor has stopped working (i.e. jammed, out of developer, or is overflowing), please call 858-822-3879.

If an ice machine is out of ice, making unusual noises, or is not working properly, please call 858-822-3879. If water is leaking from the machine, please call the Facilities Management Service Referral Desk at 858-534-2930 for a mop up.