Conference Rooms & Event Area Policies


*** The Food and Housekeeping Policy applies to all School of Medicine Dean’s Office conference rooms.***

  • Health Sciences Room Scheduling
  • Individuals or groups scheduling events in any of the School of Medicine Dean’s Office Conference Rooms are fully responsible for the clean up of those facilities, including restoring the room to the original set-up.
  • If the event will have food or catered items, please add an additional 1/2 hour before and after the meeting for Catering set-up and for clean-up of the area.
  • Meeting organizers are responsible for the delivery of catered items, set-up of catered items, and clean-up. Clean-up includes food removal, wiping up spills, clearing and removal of all trash, and leaving the room in an orderly condition for the next department.
  • Meeting organizers are also responsible for rearranging tables and chairs back in the default layout after the event. PLEASE NOTE: Leichtag 107 set-up and restoration may be arranged with Physical Plant Services at 858-534-2930.
  • Please turn off all lights and room equipment when the meeting/event is over. Please report any damage to the furniture and equipment in the room immediately to the SOM Dean's Office at 858-822-3843.
  • Departments who are found to be in violation of the Food & Housekeeping Policy will be recharged any costs required for special clean-up or repairs. Repeated violations may result in revocation of scheduling privileges.
  • This policy applies to the Leichtag Lobby as well.

General Policy & Guidelines for Health Sciences Courtyards, Lobbies & Lawn Areas

The following areas are managed by the Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences/School of Medicine Dean’s Office and need approval from our office before they can be scheduled:

  • BSB lobby/foyer
  • CMM-East 2nd floor courtyard
  • Leichtag courtyard/lawn
  • MTF Lawn
  • Stein Lawn

To reserve any of these areas, please contact Pilar King at 858-822-3879. If the request is approved, meeting organizers are fully responsible for the set up and clean-up of that area. Departments who violate this policy will be asked for an index number and recharged any costs required for special clean-ups. Repeated violations may result in revocation of scheduling privileges.

Rules for Bar-B-Ques/Parties/Events on Health Sciences Campus

  1. Call Special Events at 534-6386 to let them know what you are planning.
  2. Call Police Department if you are planning to have a live band or loud music.
  3. Call Diana Olson in Risk Management 534-3820.
  4. No liquor.
  5. If you are having the event catered, the caterer needs a permit to serve food. If it is a potluck, no permit is required.
  6. Barbeques need to be 10 feet away from any building. No barbeques under trees. Practice food safety; please log on to the EH&S website.