Building Access and Keys

Health Sciences Badges

Health Security - Badges

All staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors are to be properly identified and possess proper identification. For those seeking to obtain proper identification please file the Application for School of Medicine Photo ID Badges form on the Health Security Website and visit a security office near you. If you are a new employee or affiliate please wait until the day of you New Employment Orientation in order to receive your identification badge.


To request a key for an office or lab please contact your Department Business Office, they can help you complete a Key or Lock Work Order for you.

If you are temporarily locked out of your space, during work hours, you can borrow a master key from the Dean’s Office - room 1301 to unlock your door but the key needs to be returned within 15 minutes

If your key is constantly getting stuck in the door and now it won’t work please call the Service Referral Desk at extension 42930 and they will schedule to send a locksmith out to help you.