Building Access and Keys

Health Sciences Buildings

Procedures for Requesting Building Access Cards: BSB, Biomedical Library Study Rooms, IMG Building 4, CMM-East, Leichtag, MTF, Skaggs

Complete an Access Request form and enclose in a sealed envelope and place in the “Dropbox” located in BSB Lobby near elevators. Ensure form is completely filled out, with approval signature, to avoid delays in processing. ALL requests are subject to approval by Health Sciences Security. Restricted areas will require additional approvals.

Student access cards will have a controlled “expiration date.” Building Access for students will expire at the date determined by the department.

Requests take approximately 3 business days to process. Please make sure form is completed, with appropriate signatures, and all information is legible and correct. Incomplete forms will not be processed. Access cards will then be mailed to the applicant’s mail code. If applicant is a student, access card will be mailed to the Lab Manager or supervisor indicated on the request form.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Access to Buildings and Restricted Areas

Q: What buildings are on the Access Card System?
A: Biomedical Sciences Building (BSB), Biomedical Library Study Rooms, Building 4, CMM-East, Leichtag, Medical Teaching Facility (MTF), and the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSPPS) Building.

Q: I have an access card. Why can’t I open certain areas with my card?
A: You must be approved for access to certain areas. You may be seeking entry to an area that may not be on the access card system. For instance, many labs have their own key or omni lock that is not on the VCHS access card system. You must request access from the lab directly.

Q: My card won’t give me access to the vivarium. Why not?
A: Please contact Alissa Farrell in the Animal Care Program at x 44262 to obtain a separate approval and access card to the vivarium areas.

Q: I need access to CMM-E Microscopy Core. Who do I get approval from?
A: Call extension 40538 and request permission from the Assistant Director of the Microscopy Core.

Q: I work at the George Palade Labs. Where would I get a card to enter the building?
A: Contact the CMM Administration Department at extension 20319.

Q: I need access to CMM-E Lab 2020. Who do I get approval from?
A: Jennifer Braswell extension 42412.

Q: I need access to the restricted area in the basement of the Basic Science Building. Who do I contact to get approval?
A: Herbert Hawley at extension 48280.

Q: My card doesn’t work.
A: Sometimes the card doesn’t communicate with the card reader system. The card may have been demagnetized; the coils inside of the card may have broken; or the coils may have become detached. Are you seeking access to an approved area? If access to an area is not assigned to your card, you will not be able to enter an area. In these cases, your card may be fine. If your card was approved for a “limited time or appointment”, your card may have been removed from the access system. If so, you will need to reapply, in writing, for a new extension period for your card. This limited period generally applies to students. It is best to wait 24 hours and see if your card still is not working. If the card is not working after waiting a day, you may replace it. For any questions relating to your card, please e:mail There is a $10.00 fee to replace a lost/stolen card.

Q: I don’t have a UCSD Employee Number. Can I get an access card?
A: You must be a student, staff, or faculty member; or be from an affiliate program to apply for an access card.

A: “Special Events” are events where access to buildings will need to occur outside of normal working hours. All requests for special events need to be submitted 2-weeks in advance of such an event.

  • Special Events requests need to include the following information:
  • Name of Individual Requesting Special Events Building Access;
  • Name of Authorizing Official (PI, Division Head, DBO, MSO);
  • Name of Event;
  • Specific Building and Doors Requiring Access;
  • Date(s) and Time of Event (Beginning and End Times);

Please ensure that all information is included to prevent any delays in processing special event requests.
Please contact School of Medicine Dean’s Office 858-822-3879


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Keys Offices/Labs

Q: I need a key to my office and lab. Who can help me?
A: Contact your Department Business Office and they can complete a Key or Lock Work Request for you.

Q: I’ve misplaced the key to my office/lab and I need to get in. What do I do?
A: You can borrow a master key from the Dean’s Office - room 1301 to unlock your door but the key needs to be returned within 15 minutes.

Q: My key is constantly getting stuck in the door and now it won’t work. Who do I call?
A: Please call the Service Referral Desk at extension 42930 and they will schedule to send a locksmith out to help you.

Please contact School of Medicine Dean’s Office 858-822-3879