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 Journal Home PageImpact Factor*
 Submission Site
 Aging Male
 1.674 IFA ScholarOne
 Ann Surg
 7.474 IFA Editorial Manager
 BJU Int
 3.190 GFA ScholarOne
 Can J Urol  IFA Article Submissions
 Cancer 5.131 IFA ScholarOne
 Curr Opin Urol
 2.777 GFA Editorial Manager
 Eur Urol
 8.843 IFA EES
 Int Urogynecol J
 2.368  ScholarOne
 JAMA 30.011 IFA eJournalPress
 J Sex Med
 3.957 GFA ScholarOne
 J Endourol
 1.729 IFA ScholarOne
 J Urol
 3.862 IFA Manuscript Central
 N Engl J Med
 53.484 GFA ScholarOne
 Prostate 3.377 GFA ScholarOne
 Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis
 2.263 IFA eJournal Press
 Science 31.364 IFA HighWire
 Urology 2.334 IFC EES
 Urol Oncol
 3.172 GFA EES
 World J Urol
 2.438  Editorial Manager

*The impact factor is the ratio between the number of current citations to source items in the journal, and the number of articles published in the journal, over a fixed period of time.

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