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Faculty Spotlight

 Christina Jamieson, PhD

Dr. Jamieson is the principal basic sciences researcher in Urologic Oncology. She investigates the causes of bone metastasis to offer hope to patients with advanced, castration resistant prostate cancer.

Most advanced cases of prostate cancer metastasize to the bone, where the prostate tumor fluorishes and also stimulates formation of painful, debilitizing bone tumors. Most therapies usually fail once the cancer advances to this stage, and the patient's condition rapidly declines.

Dr. Jamieson’s team is using gene profiling of bone tissue and subcutaneous tissue that have both been incubated with cancerous prostate tissue to identify genes that are specifically associated with cancer proliferation in bone. There is potential for targeting those genes or their products with drug therapies that would potentially slow down or reverse tumor growth in the bones, or even prevent bone metastasis in the first place. This kind of therapy is urgently needed for patients with advanced prostate cancer that cannot be effectively treated with other therapies.

In November 2013, Dr. Jamieson was honored to receive a significant three-year grant in the amount of $450,000 from The Leo and Anne Albert Charitable Trust to support her research on new patient-derived models of bone metastatic prostate cancer.

Recent Publications

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