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Amanda Gosman, MD
My research on surgical education includes a focus on improving diversity from historically underrepresented groups in medicine—not only in plastic surgery, but also in surgical and academic leadership positions.

Sara Higginson, MD
My educational research interests are in simulation methods for enhanced team performance and procedural skills.

Garth Jacobsen, MD
As the General Surgery Program Director, my research efforts including education and simulation.

Samuel Lance, MD
During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have pioneered the virtual sub-internship for medical students and we have numerous studies investigating the benefit of virtual learning.

Amy Liepert, MD
I perform educational research to improve medical student education in procedural skills.

Geoffroy Noel, PhD
My research interests in medical education are to investigate how augmented-reality might facilitate the transition between dissection and clinical analysis of medical images. By using various wearable biosensors, such as EEG, pupil tracking, HRM and EDA, we are looking at the cognitive load, visual attention and stress of trainees when they overlay medical images on bodies, via augmented-reality. I am also investigating the potential of 3D replicates of body donors and virtual needles that can be overlay on bodies to help trainees achieve competencies in surgery and anesthesia.

Lisa Parry, MD
I am interested in investigating if training curriculums "work." To do this, we are developing and evaluating robotic education curricula. We study whether the curriculum changes the residents' experience, what are the benefits, whether they are learning, and are more residents becoming interested.

Deborah Watson, MD
In my role as Program Director of division of Head and Neck Surgical Training Program, my research endeavors are directed to quality improvement initiatives which align with the program's early adaptation to virtual interviews for the residency selection process.

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