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Research Spotlight

The Department of Surgery has a thriving research enterprise. The scope of our basic, clinical, and translational research extends from the laboratory, where fundamental questions are being asked about the mechanisms that underlie human disease, to the community, where faculty are developing new methods for cancer education, outreach, and injury prevention. Here we provide brief synopses of some of our research-in-progress. 

How Often Do Residents Get Sued?
Dr. Mark Zhao, NLM/NIH Biomedical Informatics Fellow, with collaborators Dr. Luis Cajas and Dr. Sonia Ramamoorthy

High Density Laryngeal Surface Electromyography: A Visualization Method of Laryngeal Muscle Activity of the Anterior Neck
Dr. Philip Weissbrod and Dr. David Bracken (Department of Surgery); and Dr. Todd Coleman and Gladys Ornelas (Department of Bioengineering)

The Uniquely Human Gene CHRFAM7A Alters Immune Cell Mobilization after Acute Injury
Drs. Theresa Chan, Todd Constantini, Andrew Baird, Brian Elicieri, Division of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, Burns and Acute Care Surgery

Intracranial Volumes of Healthy Children in the First 3 Years of Life: An Analysis of 270 MRIs
Dr. Amanda Gosman, Samuel Lance, Chris Reid, Asra Hashmi, and Michael Brandel (Division of Plastic Surgery), and UCSD medical student William Zhu. 

Super-enhancer analysis identifies novel therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer
Dr. Divya Sood, and Dr. Andrew Lowy, Division Chief, Surgical Oncology