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General Surgery Residency Salary & Benefits

​Resident Physician
​Pay Level 1
Pay Level 2
Pay Level 3
Pay Level 4
Pay Level 5
Pay Level 6
Pay Level 7
Pay Level 8
​Cheif Resident Stipend
​$50.00 / $600.00

Educational Stipend
An educational and housing stipend of $4,800 is given to all residents by the UC San Diego House Staff Association.

Licensing Fees
All Medical Board Licensing Fees and USMLE Step III application fees are paid for by the UC San Diego House Staff Association.

Four weeks of paid vacation are offered per year. Additional leave for illness, family medical emergencies, or maternity/paternity may be taken according to written policy in the UCSD House Officer Policy and Procedure Document (HOPPD).

Insurance Coverage
Health insurance with Blue Cross and disability plans are available to resident physicians and their dependents, as well as dental and vision coverage, provided as an employment benefit with NO COST to the resident or his/her dependents.

Life Insurance
There is a $40,000 life insurance plan for the resident physician, which includes a double indemnity clause of $80,000, and is provided by the University at no cost to the resident. Malpractice insurance is also provided by the University.

Two lab coats with embroidery are provided yearly. Laundering services are provided by the Linen’s department.

On-Call Meals
On-Call meal points are provided at the VA Hospital based on the number of call nights. At UC San Diego La Jolla and Hillcrest a preset amount of money is provided for the year.

Library Resources
Residents have full access to UC San Diego and VA libraries. This includes access to all libraries on the UC San Diego campus with full offsite access. There is also full off-site access available via the internet.

The VA Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Children’s Hospital, and City of Hope offer free parking. UC San Diego Medical Center offers Staff B-Parking permits for $81/mo or $972/yr.

See the House Office Policy and Procedures Document (HOPPD) for further information.


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