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Lymphatic Exosomes in Health and Disease Network

About the Lymphatic Exosomes in Health and Disease Network

The Lymphatic Exosomes in Health and Disease (LEHD) Network is a multidisciplinary partnership composed of with expertise in exosome biogenesis, immunology cross-talk, vesicle flow cytometry, animal models and clinical samples. We are particularly focused on the exosomes released into mesenteric lymphatics and their biological function in trauma/hemorrhagic shock and in experimental models of colitis/inflammatory bowel disease.


Brian Eliceiri, PhD – UC San Diego
Andrew Baird, PhD – UC San Diego
Todd Costantini, MD – UC San Diego
John Nolan, PhD – CellArcus Technologies
Sarah Blair, MD – UC San Diego
Sandip Patel, MD – UC San Diego
Phillip Stahl, PhD – Washington University in St. Louis

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