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Surgical Sciences

Welcome to the Division of Surgical Sciences

The Division of Surgical Sciences conducts leading edge cross-disciplinary research on elucidating mechanisms of human diseases and on developing new diagnostics and therapeutics. Our faculty members actively participate in education and serve as Program Co-Director and mentors for NIH funded research training programs for surgical residents, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  The research programs of our faculty members cover various surgical diseases and are supported by relevant institutes of the NIH, including National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, and the Veteran's Administration, among others. 

Yuan Chen
Chen, Yuan
Chief, Division of Surgical Sciences
Professor, Department of Surgery and Moores Cancer Center
Antonio R De Maio
De Maio, Antonio R.
Professor, Department of Surgery
Brian P. Eliceiri
Eliceiri, Brian P.
Professor, Department of Surgery
Freind, James
Freind, James
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Tatiana Kisseleva
Kisseleva, Tatiana
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
Tania Morimoto
Morimoto, Tania
Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Geoffroy Noel
Noel, Geoffroy
Chief, Division of Anatomy
Allen Ryan
Ryan, Allen
Recall Faculty, Surgery

Research and Project Scientists

Boothroyd, Arthur (additional info)
Adjunct (NS)
Cauvi, David M
Project Scientist
Cazabuena Bonorino, Cristina Beatriz
Project Scientist
Clifford, Royce Ellen
Research Scientist
Guan, Min XAdjunct (NS)
Hurtado De Mendoza, Tatiana CayetanaProject Scientist
Kurabi, Arwa B
Project Scientist
Ongkeko, Rutherford M
Adjunct (NS)
Ray, Partha
Sharma, ShwetaProject Scientist
Tiriac, Herve
Associate Research Scientist
Zhang, YuProject Scientist

Emeritus Professors

Hoffman, Robert MEmeritus/Recall
Rapaport, David HEmeritus
Sadler, Georgia Robins
Whitehead, Mark C.

Woolf, Nigel K