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Marek Dobke, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery
Plastic and Reconstructive

Contact Information


Patient Inquiries: 619-294-3746


  • Biomaterials/Breast Implants
  • Physiology and Pathology of Healing Processes
  • Scientific Foundations for Evidence-Based Aesthetic Surgery
  • Telemedicine for Chronic Wounds
  • Applications of Stem-Cell Based Technologies for Plastic Surgery 

My research is focused on mechanisms of inflammation and healing, advances and outcomes in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with specific emphasis on new technologies in plastic surgery and their implementation into plastic surgery. In addition, I led the team pursuing telemedicine related projects and implementing telemedicine based wound care programs, linking numerous clinical community entities with expert care available at the University setting.


  • Advanced, Multidisciplinary Aesthetic Fellowship (Educational Grant from Mentor Worldwide, LLC 2007-2013; currently restructured)
  • Energy (ultrasound, radiofrequencies, lasers) –based Surgical Tools for Cosmetic Applications
  • Telemedicine for Chronic Wound Management Programs


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    • Victoria Lunyak, PhD Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato, California

    • Wendy Havran, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Immunology and Microbial Science, Scripps Research Institute

    • Lisa Misell, PhD Ulthera, Inc., Mesa, Arizona 
    • Augusto Valderrama, PhD Departments of Molecular Biology, Medicine, and Surgery, Universidad Libre, Cali, Columbia
    • Allison Vaughn, PhD Department of Psychology, SDSU