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UC San Diego Division of Plastic Surgery
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgey Clinic

4520 Executive Drive
Suite 101 – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Suite 100 – Cosmetic Surgery
San Diego, CA 92013-8890

Phone:  619-294-3746   
Fax:      858-453-1469

UC San Diego Division of Plastic Surgery
 Academic Office

200 W. Arbor Drive M/C 8890
San Diego, CA 92013-8890

Phone:    619-543-6084
Fax:         619-543-3645

Chancellor Park Clinic Staff 

  • Pat Washington 
  • Suzy Preston 
    Patient Liaison
  • Stephanie Gleeson
    Clinical Coordinator
  • Julia Roderick 
    Patient Liaison Front Desk
  • Vickie Edwards
    Clinical Coordinator
  • Porsha Bayliss
    Medical Assistant 
  • Maria Savala
    Clinical Coordinator
  • Advanced Practitioners
  • Nora Stephany, PA
  • Jennifer Schroeder, PA
  • Blake Selby, DNP, RNFA

Academic Staff

  • Tiffany Giese
    Division Administrative Officer 
  • Pamela Lugo 
    Residency Program Coordinator
  • Daniela de Souza
    Administrative Assistant