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The Division of Neurosurgery provides the full range of contemporary neurosurgical practice. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we provide care to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate patients with neurological disorders. Our Division also offers residency and fellowship opportunities, and conducts path-defining research that is advancing the field.

Research Spotlight

Joseph CiacciUnder the leadership of Dr. Joseph Ciacci, UC San Diego Neurosurgery has been involved in a number of clinical trials.  In collaboration with the Sanford Stem Cell Consortium, we have cultivated a reputation as a leader in the realm of regenerative medicine as it applies to spinal cord injury therapeutics and in developing large-animal neural transplantation models. Current clinical trials include a first in-human neural stem cell regeneration trial, an acute trauma stem cell trial, and an implanted scaffold for acute spinal cord injury trial.

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Faculty Spotlight

Sharona Ben-HaimDr. Sharona Ben-Haim joined the faculty to broaden our expertise in the surgical treatment of epilepsy. Her proficiency in stereo-EEG and laser ablative techniques will be important components of our Level 4 epilepsy designation, expanding Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, and coming intraoperative MRI at the Jacobs Medical Center. 

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Need a Second Opinion?

The Neurosurgery Imaging Second Opinion offers you easy access to our world-class doctors. If you have received a test with a diagnosis and want another imaging review, our service can help you make a more informed decision, easily, conveniently, and all done remotely.

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