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Geoffroy Noel, PhD

Geoffroy Noel, PhD
Division Chief
Professor of Surgery

Paul Kingston, Ph.D.

Paul Kingston, PhD
Academic Affiliate 
Health Sciences Educator
Office of Educational Support Services 

Nigel K. Woolf, Sc.D.

Nigel K. Woolf, ScD
Professor of Surgery Emeritas

David H. Rapaport, Ph.D.

David H. Rapaport, PhD
Professor of Surgery Emeritus

Mark Whitehead, PhD

Mark Whitehead, PhD
Professor of Surgery

Nigel K. Woolf, Sc.D.

Larry and Debby Kline
UC San Diego School of Medicine "Artists in Residence"


Veronica Ortuno 
Executive Assistant 

Clinical Guests

Dr. Timothy Bassell
Staff Pharmacist in the Inpatient Pharmacy at the UC San Diego Health-System

Dr. Joshua Boys
Thoracic Surgeon
Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery

Dr. Bryan Clary
Chair and Professor of Surgery

Dr. Bard Cosman
Professor of Surgery

Dr. Ava Hosseini
Surgical Oncologist
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Dr. Steve Howe
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Associate Professor of Surgery

Dr. Murray Reicher
Clinical Instructor, Radiology

Dr. Dorathy Tamayo-Murillo
Assistant Clinical Professor, Radiology

Dr. Sam Ward
Vice Chairman
Orthopedic Surgery

Jolene Rudell, MD, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology

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