Research Experiences

A wide variety of doctoral research projects are completed by each student under the mentorship of either SDSU or UCSD faculty. Sample list of projects done with UCSD mentors:

Bench Science Projects with Dr Ryan:

  • Effects of Phosphodiesterase (PDE)-V inhibitors on cochlear hair cells and spiral ganglion nerve cells, Barbara Harris, 2009
  • Sox 11 Expression in Developing Inner ears of Mice, Rachel Weichert, 2011
  • The Effect of Surface Modifications of Titanium Substrates on Spiral Ganglia Dendrite Outgrowth. Thomas Wise 2013.
  • Peptides With the Ability to Transit the Tympanic Membrane Do Not Influence Middle or Inner Ear Structure or Function. Kerry Beasley, 2015
  • JNK Isoforms Play Different Roles in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. Joseph Hardeman 2015.

Ototoxicity Studies:

  • Ototoxicity monitoring of adult patients with cystic fibrosis, Aaron Jones, 2008.
  • UHF hearing in patients with cystic fibrosis treated with tobramycin. Carrie Lakin, 2008.
  • Establishment of normative variability in DPOAE and hearing levels for application in assessing acute change in inpatients receiving ototoxic medications, Hang Lam, 2014.
  • Relationship between tobramycin peak/trough values and change in hearing levels, Beth Harris, 2014.
  • Development of an iPad/iPhone application for self-administered ototoxic monitoring. Leah Martin, 2015.
  • Factors associated with ototoxicity in cystic fibrosis patients treated with tobramycin. Suzanne Rotan, 2015.
  • Self-reported balance function and head thrust test results for persons with cystic fibrosis. David Nguyen, 2017.
  • Natural progression of hearing loss in persons with cystic fibrosis without aminoglycosides. Kaitlin Leggins, 2017

Chart reviews

  • CHAMP results for patients with possible Menieres disease, Yan Li; 2008.
  • CHAMP: Early and late wave V identification for improved test performance, Sasha Fischang, 2009.
  • Retrospective Chart Review of Exostosis Prevalence and Surgical Procedure, John King, 2009.
  • Success-rate of IT injections for the treatment of hearing in SSNHL, MD & AIED.  Kristina Celani, 2010.
  • Laterality of exostosis in surfers due to evaporative cooling effect.  John King, 2010.
  • Carhart-notch resolution, Arineh Khatchatoorians, 2011.
  • Hearing loss following gamma knife radiosurgery for acoustic neuroma, Robin Williams, 2013.

Clinical Studies

  • ECoG: Area under the curve analysis vs. SP/AP ratio, Dave Stewart; 2008.
  • Hearing sensitivity in HIV patients, Nicole Conrad, 2009.
  • Normative values for tests of Eustachian tube function, Ariz Slali: 2009.
  • Effectiveness of a tinnitus seminar, Caton Harris, 2009
  • Comparison of ECoG and CHAMP test results for cochlear hydrops, Jerilyn Dutton; 2009.
  • Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials in normal subjects, Colleen Benson, 2010.
  • Response variability of the ocular VEMP, Jasmine Hu, 2012
  • Multifrequency tympanometry in patients with Meniere's disease, Megan Spansail, 2010.
  • Pupilometry as a measure of listening effort in patients with cochlear implants, Stephani Gonzales, 2013.
  • Simultaneous recordings of auditory brainstem response and electrocochleographic response:  response parameters and variability in normal hearing adults, Anja Arko, 2013.
  • Susceptance and reflectance in endolymphatic hydrops. Collyn Gallant 2013. 
  • StackedABR UCSD normative data. Samantha Barbour. 2014.
  • Efficiency of two SRT methods. Gina Gabrielli, 2014.
  • Feasibility of recording oVEMP using a horizontal surface-recording electrode montage. Laura Rhee, 2015
  • Early Indication of Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Young Adult Users of Personal Listening Devices. Carol Chou, 2015
  • Effect of directional microphone technology on speech perception performance with cochlear implants.  Stacey Ochoa Armas, 2017
  • Frequency Spectrum of tinnitus, Chris Johnson 2017.


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