Surgical Morbidity and Mortality Conference

Held every fourth Friday of the month at the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System, all discussions involve faculty, residents and medical students, and cases are primarily presented by residents.

Head and Neck Surgical Grand Rounds

This important clinical conference occurs each month; residents are asked to present a topic for discussion, usually based on a recent clinical experience with an interesting or unusual case. The resident thoroughly researches the topic, organizes a lecture using slides, videos and/or x-rays, and then makes a presentation for the divisional faculty and otolaryngologists in the community. This conference is an excellent educational experience and gives residents an opportunity to master the skills of making public presentations.

Basic Science Teaching Conference

Basic Science Teaching Conference is a weekly course following surgery Grand Rounds.  The conference is structured to ensure a continuing education in basic and clinical sciences fundamental to surgery, focusing on advances in basic and translational research, technology and critical thinking. Topics include but are not limited to surgical anatomy, cell biology, tissue homeostasis, wound healing, physiology, oncology, transplant, nutrition and immunology. Attendance is mandatory and this conference is considered protected time.

Head and Neck Tumor Board Meeting

Head and Neck Tumor Board is held in a simulcast between UC San Diego Medical Center, Jacobs Medical Center and Moores Cancer Center every Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Otterson Board Room at Moores Cancer Center. The discussion is based on cases submitted the prior week and is held in partnership with the pathology, radiology, oncology and radiation oncology departments.

Guest Lectures

Various nationally recognized speakers are invited to speak on their subjects of expertise in otolaryngology. These lectures are held in conjunction with our Grand Rounds.

Chairman’s Conference

Once a month, residents present the history and current status of patients with interesting cases from the otolaryngology inpatient service or the clinic to Dr. Harris for discussion.

Home Study Course

The Home Study Course, offered by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, provides a focused, organized curriculum and each resident is required to participate in this course.

Journal Club

Journal Club is held monthly, and articles are chosen that focus on a single topic. Every resident is assigned an article to present to the rest of the group to stimulate discussion regarding various aspects of methodology, interpretation of data and clinical application of research.

Neurotology Conference

Patients with complicated or unusual neurotologic disorders are presented by the fellows for discussion by a multidisciplinary faculty consisting of otologists, neurologists and vestibular physiologists.

Faculty Subspecialty Lecture Series

These weekly didactic lectures are held on a variety of basic science topics, as well as clinical topics of interest to head and neck surgeons.

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