UCSD Otolaryngology Division 2018

The Division of Otolaryngology

Head and Neck Surgery

Committed to providing the most advanced medical and surgical care in the world, the Division of Otolaryngology provides services and specialized training in a variety of specialties, including otology and neurotology, head and neck surgery, facial and reconstructive surgery, surgical oncology, laryngology and thyroid and parathyroid surgery.

Hope After Cancer

Jeffrey HarrisFor three months, Cynthia Zamora was temporarily speechless after surgeons removed a tumor that comprised more than half of her tongue. Head and neck cancer experts, along with plastic surgeons who specialize in reconstruction after cancer treatment, designed a comprehensive recovery plan that involved reconstructing the tongue using tissue from a thigh muscle and rehab to teach Zamora how to talk, eat and walk again. 

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Voice & Swallowing Center

Dr. Weissbrod is one of a few doctors in the country who specializes in rehabilitation to address voice and swallowing disorders.