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The Center for Surgical Systems and Public Heath (CSSPH) focuses on the surgical agenda for public health, including quality of life research, surgical outcomes, and the development of surgical systems nationally and globally.

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Our Research

The Center for Surgical Systems and Public Health team conducts research on surgical outcomes, quality of life, and comparative effectiveness. We're particularly interested in models of surgical systems, the development of trauma systems here and abroad, and the classification of surgery as a public health priority.

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Our Team

The CSSPH prides itself in collaboration. We strive to build relationships both within UCSD, and between UCSD and non-profits, international organizations, and academic institutions. Our collaborators include:
  • The American College of Surgeons
  • The California Western Law School
  • The World Health Organization
  • And many others
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The UCSD CSSPH offers opportunities for problem-based research training in clinical outcomes research, examining impacts on patient outcomes from all levels of surgical system, including patients, operating room, surgeon, hospital, and regional system issues. Our training philosophy consists of three components: 1) teach methodology 2) apply methods to answer current research questions, 3) collaborate with mentors. Students gain expertise in hypothesis generation, question development, data analysis, data interpretation, and manuscript publication and presentation.